A little moment in eternity is all you need,

To feel immortal, as if safe at any speed,

To embrace the broken bones beneath your skin,

And feel the subtly of the surreal night


The night carries an inspiration that can seize you,

An incandescent, insistence persistence that almost overwhelms,

With a presence that fills the soul with a quiet excitement,

The moon, the stars blaze with new and secret meaning


Small molecules of air labor with a state of enchantment,

In them hidden truth that has the power to break all the chains,

Of the outer world that is cruel, grey and empty,

That tethers the soul with a perpetual black despair


White cloaks of clouds flings across the sky,

Dimpled and pinched features of curiosity,

Of a day folding slowly into night,

That makes the heart tease a true shine






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