Keep on dreaming

“The road of success is when you can dream again even after someone says to you `That is just a dream!’ it is that persistent need to keep on dreaming even when you know there is that possibility of heartbreak…”

Wrong Direction

I track in this unfamiliar road,
The destination seem so vague in my mind,
I can feel my tired feet screaming from the biting exhaustion,
But deep inside I know I got to keep going,

I see faces staring at me,
Their whispers threatening to pierce my eardrums,
As I walk in the ‘wrong’ direction,
But the voices in my head make each stride stronger,

But where am I headed to?
My heart suppresses the fear that is creeping inside me,
I keep moving on and on as my loyal shadow keep besides me,
Restoring in me a sense of a deeper meaning,

The golden horizon smiles kindly ahead of me,
Am captivated by the swaying of the trees,
They dance to the music of the birds,
Am surrounded by bright colors of the rainbow,

The sweetest disposition befalls me!
I can’t help but smile,
For like the color of the sky is blue,
So is the assurance that I will get there!


My child hood dreams!

My dreams were always so infallible,,
I never imagined it would be a jargon,
To grab them in my hands,
But ahead of me they lie,
Like elusive mirages

When I was young I was colored by beautiful thoughts,
That I will grow up and live my fantasies,
I thought it was as easy as abc,
But in white and black,
That is real and more unreal,

If that’s the reality,
Then why do we dream?
Where did all my innocence go?
Why has it suddenly become so cold?
Why have I become so lonely?

My dreams have gone so far away and unreachable,
They become so hostile with every stride I make towards them,
But in my heart I can hear their faint call,
I have to be strong and make them a reality,
With a sense of determination and endurance,
I know I will make it,
Step by step I will reach there,
Step by step I will have them in the palm of my hands,
Step by step I have a lasting smile on my face,
Step by step I will live my dream!

Bed of shame

It stings my skin every time I turn,
The pain so excruciating, it brings tears in my eyes,
My skin screams and wails in pain,
Of a thousand pin pointed thorns,
In this bed of shame

I feel so cold that all my hair stings out,
The loneliness so heartbreaking,
I long for warmth from my kind,
As I seem to be deserted by my own,
In this bed of shame

I feel naked and striped,
Of all my dignity and worth,
They all seem to have dejected,
They have gone away with the sun and left me in the dark,
In this bed of shame,

Fear seems to have taken toil of me,
It has crept into every part and corner of my bed,
It has become the unwelcomed guest,
My eyes desperately pleads for help from the skies,
Can somebody get me out of this bed?

Where is love?
Where has all the kindness and forgiveness gone?
Into the depth of my soul I reach out for grace,
To lift me up and salvage me,
From this bed of shame!

Butterfly Love!


I’ve made a million paces
Butterfly love burning so intensely
In the need to quench the thirst of love
That is demanding, almost suffocating!

Is it love or is it my wildest imaginations?
Why does it make me feel so bad?
Why does it make me feel this sad?
Why does it make me feel so plain and clumsy?

You seem so unreal yet so real
If I knew where you reside my love
I’d rush in this awful ending of time
To grab you, and hold you and never let go!

These tiredness and loneliness are consuming me
Without you mine is a sad, partitioned life
Textureless and guarded by abnormal shadows
For you seem harder to pursue than I expected

My love, do not confirm all my apprehensions
That you might also be just an elusive mirage
For I have so much to share with you
If you could only reach out and hold my hand

Your absence has struck so intensely
That it has almost amounted to your presence
But I will cling to this dreamy fleeting fantasy
Butterfly love will soon lock my pattern
Our pattern to share forever my love!

The ugly face of death…

I stand here in the moment in time,
Where time seems to stand still,
The sombre sky a reflection,
Of the sense of emptiness that I feel inside,

Golden moments were the days I had you,
Anticipation, anxiety filled the air around us,
The affection, the longing, the pain of love,
Are all gone with the shovel biting into the loose soil,

Desperately, I seek words of solace and comfort,
To allay the fears that are engulfing me,
My eyes unashamedly shed tears of pain,
For my body feels alone and sedated without you,

If I could employ a little magic,
I would bring you back again,
For we still have many things to do and to see,
To explore the adventures that are glorious and full of possibilities,

With much horror I feel the hand of death,
As I stand here losing all my sense of self preservation,
For I know without you besides me,
My days will pass without any sense of purpose

The swirling masses rise and fall,
Interlacing the brightness of the sun,
Reality strikes my already broken heart,
Things are worse because its a beautiful day,

I will hold on to that dream,
The dream that chains and comforts me still,
Of the sweet day beyond the horizon,
When I will be with you again my love!

My treasure hunt Pursuit

Utterly broken and despaired,
My heart heaves with every breath,
As my tired, feeble legs keep the struggle,
Trying to put one foot ahead of the other,

This familiar path of more defeat and less victory,
Has become a lifetime of stalling horror,
An old and comfortable habit,
All around me the air pregnant with a stench of failure,

Day after day I wait for fate to smile to me,
Overwhelmed by waves of panic,
And a tangle of lies that haunt my ears,
The endless litany of guilt and self accusations,

My whole view of life has gotten skewed by having to harden,
With despair, sadness, fear and despair are my constant companions,
There seem virtually no prospects for me beyond the horizons,
But I invite a sense of competence and peace from within,

Everyone is entitled to his/her own dreams and illusions,
Though sometimes they may seem harder to pursue than expected,
We have to keep our own counsel and guide them with hostility,
And hopefully reach to those golden moments to share and to hold

Green Mother!…………. stop deforestation

proud, confident and beautiful is you!
You stand out amongst all the creations!
Your stillness and silence a sign of a deeper meaning..
A meaning of knowledge we are all unaware of..
Or could it be the answers to what we seek!
You stand tall, a fountain of knowledge and wisdom!

You seem to enjoy the moment and presence,
The presence of birds as they decorate your branches with joy,
They decorate with all the colors of the rainbow, the sky and the lands..
You seem captivated by their melodies…
You sway from side to side to the rhythm of the music..
You stand tall, a mantle of joy and happiness..

Oh! Your shadow is kind to all and the sundry.
The live underneath it, is fat and happy!
The fury of the sun is intense beyond it!
I sit and let your shadow relieve my scorched skin..
A smile emerges from the stiffness of my lips..
You stand tall, a symbol of peace and security!

They say still waters run deep,
I have witnessed heinous crimes against you,
With a wicked smile they have destroyed your kindness and generosity,
To feed their hungry stomachs with the loot in their bloody hands,
But they have not been lucky with your unforgiving hand!
As you have served them with a cold revenge!
You stand tall, a pot of bees with deadly poison!

You are a mother that rules the world,
You house all life of the earth with love and care,
I jump in pain and shock then i look around..
Furious eyes stares back at me!
Isn’t this my home too?
In front of me a gift you give,
Food for the mind, body and soul..
You stand tall, mother of all creations!

A gift from the ocean!

From a distance..
I can feel you calling..
Your sweet soft breeze..
The sound of your coming and going….

At the shore..
I can feel the hungry sand swallowing my rigid feet..
The beautiful wind, calming my exhausted skin..
I can’t help but i succumb to your seduction..

As i get deep and deeper…
I feel your most beautiful warmth..
I get the most beautiful feeling..
A feeling that i could never possibly put into words..

I close my eyes to feel more of it..
Opening my eyes makes me wonder..
I see your sister…the sky….and i look at you..
Are you God’s favorite color??? i ask

I dance to the rhythm of your song..
I sing and dance together with you..
The rise and fall of your tides..
Could i live here with you forever??

I don’t want to go back again..
I don’t want to return to the cruel mad world..
The land has turned numb to my feelings…
But here you are..silently comforting and caressing me..
Saying…its o.k to every part of me..

I want to stay here with you my love..
The peace and love i feel is indescribable..
Your sweet songs..
Your gentle touch…
Your sweet love….
You have washed away…
The tears and pain in my skin..
Deep in my body u never spared either..
But there is a bitter sweet taste in my mouth..
When i know i have to return…