Mysteries of the Soul


The individual soul is unbreakable and insoluble; can neither be burned nor dried. It is everlasting; present everywhere, unchangeable, immovable and eternally the same.








I Am


I am a brightly colored petal that sings in the wind,
My appetite appeals to guide my precious virtues,
While my soul seeks to demystify the many layers of mysteries,
To tranquil the raging storms which form sad fearful faces…

I like slowing every moment with a light kiss,
Even those instances that try to fail my efforts,
For they carry great, silent and gentle humbleness,
That is only open for the windows of my soul…

As the moon shines a silvered pale light,
I bath in a pool of sophisticated strong air,
That is unspeakable than the fear in me,
Of a black script that swirls before my eyes

Like an electric current, my heated blood pulse,
From the hunger of seeking and exploring,
All the innocence and splendor that lies ahead,
And to see the many faces that beauty presents

As the invincible dawn brings in new strengths and possibilities,
I will slow down my heart to the pace of a pendulum,
To feel the golden-orange rays run through my skin,
And to remind me that I am alive and living!


My first Blogging Anniversary!

Last year, a day like today, I decided to explore the passion that had thrived in me since I was young. I was ecstatic to have a platform where I could share my passion of writing poetry with the world. It seemed as an adventure of some sort at the time. I did not know that my life was close to the beginning of glorious opportunities that came with that very decision.

Poetry to me is my silent way of voicing those words that that are past tenderness and have an immense humbling power. A pen and a paper have a way of healing the brokenness that normally defines human defect. Poetry gives me a delight and satisfaction that makes me feel alive, loved and relevant. Poetry is the best gift that life has presented to my life and I bath in the spotlight of my blog every day of my life! I did not know that I would meet amazing people who are a great community, with whom we share and explore the celebrated possibilities that life presents!

This blog has made me discover things that I never knew existed about myself and still, is a continuous process. It is exhilarating to learn that there are hidden powers in my wild and untamed imagination usually penned down by my talented hands. For instance, after writing a poem titled ‘I Am Ready’ (After responding to a request made by one of my blog’s avid reader), I decided to explore short stories. And wow! What a decision! I have written about 7 short stories all of which have been published by local credited media house. (To view, you may visit>>>my short stories )

I want to thank my readers and fellow blogging friends for the support and love that they show every day. I would not have made it without any of you and I say a big THANK YOU! I cannot wait to see what poetry has in store for me as each day comes with new gifts to see, explore and enjoy! I hope that more people embrace poetry as it is art, which best defines hidden meanings in the mysteries of this world. For me, I remain guided by an eagle’s spirit; unrestricted, untamed and ready to navigate the unknown to get that which delights me!

Its My Birthday!

happy birthday

Another birthday gives me an innate sense of wholesomeness,
Every delicate sense, alert to the texture of air around me,
All impelled by animal suspicion to remain alert,
Like rose petals responding to the cold but soft breeze,
Alert to guard all that defines virtues of my own world

A new birthday makes me attuned to something silent and invincible,
Of the many faces that beauty possess than the grains of sands in beaches,
All the beauty that is carried by innocence, gentleness and the unrestricted nature,
The beauty that brings peaceful rhythms to my daily life with less struggle

A new birthday yet is not defined by the many years that I live,
But the sun, the moon, the stars, the rain and the storm in my years,
The periphery of my visions or figures that both fly or fall,
All that causes the centum of my soul to feel my living

My birthday forces me to expel the breath of resignation to the power of fate,
And to share in the delight and joy of my pure innocence,
Because that is my beauty and it is my hard honesty,
I am willing to pay the price that comes with giving or accepting love,
I want a long life of privileges, of promising joy and of hope that will sustain me,
Dear God! You know that is my perfect, earnest desire!

The Versatile Blogger Award!

versatile award

A couple of months ago I was nominated for a versatile blogger award by Little Sunshine. She is an amazing person who just steered my passion of writing. She also writes amazing stuff on real and exciting issues that we face every day as well as sharing great recipe on exotic foods. Please do visit her blog, I do promise that you will be amazed. It’s great to have a platform where we can exchange ideas and in the process make our lives more exciting! You can visit her blog. Now back to the blogger award, I am so humbled. Being my first time for the nomination it’s just a great deal (That explains why am late to respond).

Am supposed to write down 7 things about myself then I list down my nominees.
1. I am deeply emotive and empathetic but also cautious person (This explains the nature of my poetry).
2. I love writing, it’s my life! Literally!
3. I love music, soft rock, country and any deep instrumental-based music anytime!
4. When asked about favorite color I always say “green” when in fact it is black! (I don’t know why I lie to myself and the world about it, don’t even own any outfit in green!)
5. Love my life, spicy food, meeting inspiring friends as well as engaging in deeply exhilarating activities.
6. I love dancing a lot. Uncoordinated I may, but I make sure I give my best to any good song.
7. I am always ready and eager to try new things, free spirited, liberated and a risk taker.
And now my nominees;
Chevv’y Studio
This Is My Life
Br. Andrew’s Muses
Just Joan 42
Cristian Mihai
Manan Unleashed
Annie’s Poetry
Haiku out of Africa
Well I nominated each of you because you have contributed immensely in my world of writing and you have amazing stuff going on in your blogs! P.S Just follow that simple process!
Thanks and good luck!

Animal Spirit Award!

I would like to extend my deep gratitude to Br. Andrews Muses for nominating my blog for this amazing award! It has been a week since my nomination and I am glad that am finally able to respond.


Br. Andrew’s Muses is an amazing creative blog that is both fun and informative; I would like to encourage you to pay him a visit. Am sure you will find your trip worthwhile!

The rules to this wonderful award are simple and fun. They include the following;
1. Thank the person who nominated you and place a link to their blog.
2. Post the award picture on your blog.
3. Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.
4. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
5. Pick ten nominees.

Well I am a fun loving person with deep passion to creative writing, especially poetry. My blog means the world to me, as it gives me an opportunity to express my feelings in the best ways I know how, always leaving with a feeling that is both explicable and satisfying. Every time I write a piece and post it on my blog, I get wonderful feedback from my friends from all over the world. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for giving me an opportunity to share the joy of creative writing. Thank you all so much!

If I could be any animal, I would choose to be an eagle. Spread my wings and feel the freedom of just being and explore the splendor of life!

Finally, the blogs that I choose to nominate for this amazing award are;
1. Manan Unleashed.
2. Chevv’y Studio.
3. Little Sunshine.
4. romancinglife.
5. Just Joan 42.
6. Annie’s Poetry .
7. Elan Mudrow.
8. Cristian Mihai.
9. This Is My Life.
10. Haiku out of Africa.
Please do pay a visit to their blogs; they all have amazing and incredible stuff to share!