My Darkened Peace


The vague leaf shadows trembled in the darkened night,
The sky appeared to be plain as if dead,
The silvered moon had become a broadsword stiletto,
Beneath the blinding darkened clouds that seemed sluggish

The air around me nearly suffocated me with a stench of fear,
The rhythm of the night reducing to a whisper, then silence
The abnormal shadows stood all around me like mourners,
Guiding every pace that I made as if escorting a sinful soul

I remained hush in the pool of silence and blackness,
My heart running, fast, then relaxed as if drained,
I knew I had to make peace with my blackened hole,
Darkness was fading all sounds of misery like a pale vision of a moment,

Brief twists of cold breezes flowed softly but cold like a sad song,
But I submitted to the invitation with a palpable pleasure,
This night was charming, dark and deep…………………
In my darkened peace I feigned my wholesomeness,
Until a thin blade of light stabbed in front of me


My Mind’s Eye


Am feeling alive again in the brightened room of my mind,
Am not trapped in the darkest corners of my memory,
The room is filled with a pool of silence,
Silence that is full of freedom and unseen strength

I long for the hilltop trees spread across the sky,
Their long shadows lengthening down the inclined meadows,
As a single thread of sunshine ignites my passion to live,
I flinch as if from a lover’s touch…inexplicably surrendering

Enthusiasm lifts my heart to an irresistible delight,
I ignore and suspect the tyranny of time,
I also have tested its cruelty,
But it has only made me a wizened sailor of a thousand journeys

An explicable exhilaration seem to overcome me,
I feel like am in a brink of revelation this fleeting moment,
In my mind’s eye it remains as vivid as a fine photograph,
The shimmering ray seems deceiving to my surreal morning,
But am also pregnant with expectation that crack and crackle will come soon

A Wreck

images of a woman

When you wake up carrying a heart that is blank and ungiving,
When the last rays of hope have a sense of slithering evading,
As if purposely martyred or wronged by the whole of you,
But you realize there is no way you can survive such loss

When you seem to portray that speedy but exhausted mime,
Who makes a million speedy paces and only fritters away,
Only to take in the piercing reality that you are a wreck,
The biting experience is accompanied with the most crushing kind of tiredness

You have no inkling or foggiest idea how to free from that blank despair,
But in with the morning, as still as an airless world,
That carries with it an immense and humbling power,
With strange symbols that are blazing with a new meaning

The brightness falls from the sky escorted with the sweet scent of grass,
The blade of light working through your skin feels like it must be benign,
As if it contains hidden truths and brings a sense of revelation,
You trust it’s meaning inexplicably surrendering to its majestic delight,
And you realize that you are here and only here to celebrate such an instant,
Eyes closed, heart arching and lost in a state of trance…..away from this frozen world

Fleeting Fantasy


Naked fantasy

Her touch is a fleeting battling fantasy,
Colored by sinuous grace of free flowing love,
Filled with a delicious perfume of black roses,
With a hungry presence hovering from a naked branch,
Waiting for an unwary passerby to enthrall

Ordinary graceful but with fragile caution,
Wary of the impenetrable abnormal shadows,
To the unseen piercing pattern of crimson thorns,
Of screaming pain of a thousand pin pointed terror

The silence of the stars seemed to fill the air around her,
And the trees tossed their branches to a rhythm of the sea,
As if a swarm was spiraling through them,
That gave her the ultimate hunger to embrace her glorious mess



She felt the fading of the thinnest sounds of misery,
A dreamy…floaty…sensation engulfed her
And inspired her talented hands to write lying poetry,
With a wrong imagination that lost her to right,
It gave delight to her radiant eyes in the silvering moon
In a stagnant peace of a fleeting fantasy

Wry Dry Day

Emoly Carr's Painting

She felt like her whole existence was drifting away just like time,
Grief had revisited and shaken the depth of her being,
Fun had eluded her and only left dark emptiness,
A blackened hole that would suck her up and destroy her

Every iota of her emotion was greater than her expectations
All her dreams seemed to be clouded by sounds of wings,
The welcome and goodbye sounds,
Left her lonely and desperate face colored by poverty of a smile

The splendor of sunlight and the sky,
Seemed to play a complete contrasting rhythm from her feelings,
The sun spilled a low orange candle across the sky,
Its warmth was an intoxicating fleeting feeling that inspired a smile, small but smile still

A faint glow started forming in her rejected lonely heart,
It slowly became a healer to her broken heart,
There is always a fragile peace after shattering chaos,
There is always a delicate shred of hope after an unbearable loss,
She knew that this tiny gate of charming pattern will be her guide

Dark Secret

moon 1

The moon sprayed quivering rainbows across the sky,
But the air was still and it carried with it a frightening feeling,
The night was cold and filled with whispering sounds,
As if it knew her dark secret… as if it saw right through her!

It was yet another unnerving episode of her life before her own eyes,
She felt like an actor as if she was playing a role in a big production,
And as blackness started to form beyond the moon and the stars,
She felt a frightened sweat trickle down her shivering face

The alarm she felt escalated into deep emotional fear,
How could the heavens form cahoots against her defenseless self?
Who would save her from this dreading feeling?
The dreading feeling that perhaps death was searching to cut her down!

She suddenly realized that this long distilled fear would turn lethal,
She did not want to plunge herself into the grasping greedy hands of darkness,
For there are many things that she still had to do…had to see,
She struggled to contain her racing heart,
Her inner voice and free spirit is what kept her alive,
Both defenses may be dishonored by another but can never be abased by her dark secret

Kiss of Moment


At the penultimate moment of that reality
the dead hollow tree inspired a little fabled feeling
they stood midst the green grass inspired a sense of safety
although safety has always been an illusion to any movement

Beyond them, the tall grass had faded into a color of sunshine
life had rained an existential lark on them this time
this very moment was real and alive
so they closed their eyes living it and feeling it

But deep within they knew something unseen waited
they averted the temptation of being at an impasse,
loyal shadows were their companions and greatest confidants
who stood with them in every twist and turn that life presented

The sun emanated a strong brandy from the sky’s distillery
the blades of light ornamented the strikingly shaped clouds
and they submitted to this trance that mattered in their living
because such moments always came with a kiss of hello and of goodbye…

The Rebirth

ocean art

The ocean always brought camouflaged and eccentric thoughts,
It made her feel invisible from her very own shadow,
To the outside world she was fogged up by self-pity,
But here, the sounds and the smell of the sea was soothing

The rhythm of the sea carried a blue hue that fell from the sky,
It always inspired a feeling of timelessness to her broken life,
It caved in the noises of the world to a hush,
That made her discover grace that she never knew existed

She wished that this tranquil moment would last forever,
The crests and toughs of the tides,
And the lulls between the charming waves,
Filled her aching heart with deep ecstasy

Although she sensed an air of daintily glamour,
She craved to live among the sea urchins and the knots of weed,
The tragedies of her past haunted her very own existence,
She wanted to plunge down and disappear with the tides

But the air carried with it incredibly new energy,
With the tireless spirited singing of the shores,
Forced sharp reality to pierce her fragile and steeled heart,
And it bust her to shedding uncontrolled and unashamed tears

She knew her worth and she had to claim it,
That feeling calmed the deep emotional chaos,
But caused her heart race and her breath…heavy as if in panic,
She was going to confront the den of perils lurking in her existence

Erring Elegance


Emily Carr's Painting of Trees

The blades of light was golden or pellucid,
They penetrated through the branches and leaves,
And fell on her skin that seemed lithe graceful,
She sat under that old oak tree feeling plain and simple

The defining word of every emotion she felt eluded her,
The details of her childhood cruelties horrified her,
She had big brown eyes that compelled attention and revenge,
She yearned and craved to cast away that old spell that weighed heavily on her

She desired self-abasement and humility,
But her innate dignity is what kept her hoping,
A quality that was natural to her like feathers to a bird,
It was the dead solid truth like the tree where she sat

The day looked wounded covered with a bloody glow,
She hoped for the saturated gold perched twilight,
When she will make loveless love to calm her emotions,
That was her very own dark small triumph of its own kind,
When she would conceal her undisciplined emotions,
For the world had turned her to be a loner and a user