You are the model of all vows kept intact

the recognition of all lost promise and soft touch

any faintest glow from you is all comforting refuge

from your sweet face that is sweetened by all love of the sun.


Dear mama, you are the winking light that moves across the frozen stars,

you are an irrepressible delight full of refinement in all that makes human,

enthusiasm lifts my feathery heart whenever I see your flawless beauty,

that forces me to submit to your attention with renewed palpable pleasure.


In the storms of this world, you always find a way forward,

with an ineffable quality that no any word can describe,

bringing with it golden glory of the true nature of mind,

you make this real uncanny world become achingly beautiful.


Dear mum, you inspire in me a curious but hopeful feeling

that I have the power to overcome all chaos spawn by nature

you possess a rare kind of patience to all things,

including all the many bad choices I make,

you are my refuge; you will always be my wings mama.






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