Please Kiss Me


I want to drift into that far away place with that kiss
a place that is never guided by self-blinded rules
where I will splendidly sing my heart’s real meaning
please kiss me; I am dying of wanting and needing.

I have no words for what I feel when I dream of you
yet I will end up calling it force, beauty and sublimity
because it forces me lose my sensibility and emotions
kiss me and calm the raging storm that pervades my heart.

The voice of my heart cannot stop calling you
and my relentless dreams cannot help but wish
to feel the things that I had never felt before
i need you to make my time stand still by kissing me.

That kiss will bring me new eyes to see the marvel
of exploring and discovering secrets and powers of a moment
a moment that will turn me into a small, helpless fly
too weak but willing to be trapped in a blissful moment.

In a moment we can both achieve all things worth dreaming
we can both be two helpless human souls searching and exploring
because it is the perfect making and creation of humanity
you are a bright butterfly and you make all petals glow
Please just kiss me and maybe I will speak of my eternal love…



All of Me


The sky looked too heavy and swirled my mind,
The murky blue shackled by every pain that we shared,
I was a child pushing myself hard as if in a nightmare,
I had no desire to move forward, but I pushed my body

The last bit that made me human was struggling,
And my obligation towards its survival was as strong as love,
I frantically tried to stamp down all thoughts that scared me,
And all the forces of darkness deep down my throat

The rhythm of my heart had become soft and thin,
It was as if I was floating in a weightless dread,
I felt my eyes hollow as if pleading for a sign, any sign,
A dove, love from up and above the heavens

I cradled that possibility down, deep in my heart and mind,
Of cause recent events had flooded my entire life with shame,
Now I craved and raved to recede into a distant horizon,
Like a surging nausea, I wished to hide grief that welled in me,
The reality of how wrong things were was too demeaning and wrenching


New Day


A new day opens my hands to light after dark…
The crick crack of waking trees brings new anticipations,
To my heart stunned by the face of time, of yesterday and the past,
As my anxious agile mind slips to the new possibilities of this new day

Swirling masses of rainbow colored birds interlace the morning sun,
Singing and chirping frantically, gestures of every morning, a new day,
To my amazed eyes, it is a certain innocence peppered with wonder,
That takes me into a light but deep dreamlike bliss in this striking morning

The orange-yellowed distillery of the sky radiates something marvelous,
In all its horrors, the world appears acutely beautiful and breathtaking,
I am honey, pouring myself into the yellow and warm shafts of rays,
I am absorbed completely and totally to welcome this new day

Like a free young child, I take all the raw intensity of this morning,
Letting the light of creation to swim and shine through my body,
My visible delicate veins bring a tenderness that surprise me,
For I know that each morning makes me fresh and holy again!

A Pitiful Lie


A flicker of hope twinkled once more,
But it was blown away like a candle in the storm,
She had to let go and drop all her resistance to the reality,
Her heart sank deep down to into the unfathomable darkness

Her breathing was thin and it took immense effort to suck in air,
For the air around her felt heavy as if it resisted her desperate attempts,
To the east, the sky was defined by a dark outline that spread to infinity,
As if reflecting contempt for the curse that defined her structured life

Life was slowly receding from her like a boat does to the shore,
She wished that she could curl the edges of herself to hide from everything,
She wanted to take and hold deep breaths as tightly as a rope,
To suck out life because she felt too awkward to act as the living

Every little detail that mattered deeply in her life had faded away,
All her senses had gone numb and she was unafraid like a stone would,
Her body was raw, horrified, wretched and demeaned by recent events,
Now, she had nothing more to lose in her pointless existence

Her world had become smaller, dimmer and colder as minutes passed,
The reckless wind pushed her stiffened body forward as if helping her up,
It carried with it something curt yet sober in its attempt to encourage her,
It surprised her with its wild, stubborn and unpredictable love,
It was a pitiful lie, beautiful and she was too willing to believe in it,
She shut her eyes and commanded her body to rise up and start anew


Why Not?


Why not me?
I am a willing human being,
I am all feeble and helplessly bound both hands and feet,
Optimistically counting on that faintly glowing sign in the dark

I deserve to be rewarded for all my blinding aspirations,
Those dreams that I had seen clearly in my mind’s eye but not grasped,
Those that have given me sleeplessness and quivering pain,
Those that burn relentlessly with black, suspicious knowledge

I see that who baths in the golden moments under the sun,
One who is in absolute and perfect happiness,
The sun generous and promising in the cloudless sky,
Why shouldn’t it be me?

But why not take pleasure in this moment and the next?
Because moments harmonize and illuminate each other,
Each radiating vitality and demanding alertness,
This is what defines the arbitrary nature of this life,
This moment carries an air of binding trust,
Why not trust it?