A flicker of hope twinkled once more,
But it was blown away like a candle in the storm,
She had to let go and drop all her resistance to the reality,
Her heart sank deep down to into the unfathomable darkness

Her breathing was thin and it took immense effort to suck in air,
For the air around her felt heavy as if it resisted her desperate attempts,
To the east, the sky was defined by a dark outline that spread to infinity,
As if reflecting contempt for the curse that defined her structured life

Life was slowly receding from her like a boat does to the shore,
She wished that she could curl the edges of herself to hide from everything,
She wanted to take and hold deep breaths as tightly as a rope,
To suck out life because she felt too awkward to act as the living

Every little detail that mattered deeply in her life had faded away,
All her senses had gone numb and she was unafraid like a stone would,
Her body was raw, horrified, wretched and demeaned by recent events,
Now, she had nothing more to lose in her pointless existence

Her world had become smaller, dimmer and colder as minutes passed,
The reckless wind pushed her stiffened body forward as if helping her up,
It carried with it something curt yet sober in its attempt to encourage her,
It surprised her with its wild, stubborn and unpredictable love,
It was a pitiful lie, beautiful and she was too willing to believe in it,
She shut her eyes and commanded her body to rise up and start anew



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