Why not me?
I am a willing human being,
I am all feeble and helplessly bound both hands and feet,
Optimistically counting on that faintly glowing sign in the dark

I deserve to be rewarded for all my blinding aspirations,
Those dreams that I had seen clearly in my mind’s eye but not grasped,
Those that have given me sleeplessness and quivering pain,
Those that burn relentlessly with black, suspicious knowledge

I see that who baths in the golden moments under the sun,
One who is in absolute and perfect happiness,
The sun generous and promising in the cloudless sky,
Why shouldn’t it be me?

But why not take pleasure in this moment and the next?
Because moments harmonize and illuminate each other,
Each radiating vitality and demanding alertness,
This is what defines the arbitrary nature of this life,
This moment carries an air of binding trust,
Why not trust it?



10 thoughts on “Why Not?

    1. That brings new energy that we all need. We have to trust every moment that is presented in our lives, whether, good, bad, beautiful or ugly..each has a significant role in our lives. Do you believe that?

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      1. I do believe that. Especially the way you wrote it. Trust, trust, trust. It can be really hard, but in the end that´s all we have: Trusting and enjoying the present moment. Good moments will pass and so will bad ones, it´s scary, but also I find that that´s the beauty of it.

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