I am sorry (Collaboration poem)

My First Collaboration Poem with a Great Artist!

Real Free - Flowing Words

  • Aston Kamunde, @https://astonkamunde.wordpress.com/
  • featuring RhymeRula of Real Free -Flowing Words
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(Aston’s Stanzas)

She wanted to plead

For forgiveness

For love


Tears of shame

Bared her self-hate

Oblivious of the smell

Of the earth and rain

The fog of mystery

And hushed emotions

Stood between them

The sky dead and overcast

She had broken him

She had betrayed them,

Had poisoned her loyalty,

Their past, present and promises

She was a small fly

Caught in a mesh of thorns

Needing to speak only three words

But “I am sorry” felt so insufficient

He was everything to her,

Many colors of passion

Her whole world,

Her magic

How could she say all…

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I’m Ready

Aston kamunde


His heart was racing, made him breath as if in panic,

But he wore facade of calm on his face,

He was here at last! To attest his worth,

“I’m ready” he assured himself over and over

Finally the moment came…One, Two, Shot!

The race was on; he was among the first pool of racers,

He could smell their intoxicating desperation too,

They too, were hopelessly smitten to win

He stared ahead and welcomed all his dark shadows,

That had brought deep emotional chaos in his life,

They carried some kind of new energy that escalated him,

Now he was a bird, he thrummed through the twists and turns, shimmering

Filled with an insatiable thirst to heal all his brokenness, he thrust,

He was not alone; his dark shadows had proved to be his loyal friends,

They were deep and at his heart’s benign as he strode out with delight,

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The Heartache

Aston kamunde


He could feel it and smell it too,
The burning heartache that churned inside,
He longed for a small mound of love, just little,
It was a soft cry, though it was sad and hopeless

This was an artificially created crisis, but by who?
It had made him small and inside he was a stone,
For his heart carried a quiet kind of rebel for all things,
He had come accustomed to all evil spewed on him

Although he was surrounded by a sea of honest petals,
That danced graciously in the blameless soft breeze,
Violence had numbed his senses into disbelief,
Could neither feel the highest joy nor the deepest sadness.

He was tethered like a hopeless Christmas animal,
For the onslaught of anything that would kill his peace,
For the world was full of tension and discriminate hate,
He had confirmed that horror on earth is real and…

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Sounds of Unrestricted Love

Aston kamunde


The dead oaks spread across the earth,
Other trees stood still, somber like mourners,
They were honor guides of earthly angels,
They were escorting the sinless souls that lay still

This morning was freshened by light caressing breeze,
That ran softly through the currency of shadows,
That was spilled by the mourning trees that stood silent,
Her tired edges were smoothed by their flawless beauty

She felt light as a feather floating in high attitudes,
She was surrounded by the air that carried sweet grassy scents,
Strands of brightened sunshine fell silently from the scenic sky,
There could be many places that she could be at that moment,
She closed her eyes, glad that she was here to experience all these

The wide-eyed owl stared at her with a curiosity that pinched
As if it could tell that her eyes were feigning happiness,
Like someone who was wise, mysterious and…

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Whirling Gusts

Aston kamunde


As I hugged the unusual, empty, snaking road,

I was well aware of the invincible presence,

A whoring evil presence… staring…hating,

Line of unsettled faces souring with loath

Sometimes I felt naked under their invincible gawk,

Overwhelmed with the stench of everlasting exhaustion,

But the feeling also filled my soul with a sickly sweet anticipation,

Of fate, luck or even unluck

The growing wind carried a myriad of strange dialects,

They were hissing sounds with undercurrents of fury,

What’s wrong with leading my life? Owning my life?

Doing what I want, where I want and how I want it!

I struggled to keep all obscenity well hidden in my heart,

Feeling the joy and the hurt of it too,

It attracted a strange and a curiously exciting feeling,

It felt unearthly, delectable, sweet and satisfying

I got distracted by a lone spidery purple flower,

It was neither pleasant nor unpleasant,

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Read Poem: The Promise, by Aston Writer

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“You promise?”
Aged only six years
A promise meant trust
Strangers meant no harm

The night had descended
Silence roamed the eerily air
It was dark, blinding and unnatural
Grass sounded brittle in the coldness

Sudden fear ensnared her vulnerability
He held her hand with an iron grip
“I want my mommy!”
She screamed at him

The tight grip hurt her
“You want to play?”
“I will show you a game.”
Pulling her into stretched shadows

A pale moon hung just above
Sprinkled stars surrounding it
The sky appeared velvet black
As if foreseeing impending horror

Stormy emotions circled her

Tears rolled down her cheeks
She tried to free from his grip
Power was with him
She couldn’t

Nights like these transformed him
Drove wild his animal instincts
Hunting for naive fluid beauty
Obeyed demanding sounds

Subdued in the stretching cold night
Flames leaped within her body

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Walking Away

Aston kamunde


As you start to walk out on the way,
The way appears intensely real,
You can feel the smell, the texture and the color
The word that describes such quality eludes your mind

The sky seems to be in deep mourning,
The clouds hanging loosely like old clothes,
The shadows beneath moves away the sun’s glare,
You can hear the whispers of the trees standing solemnly on the roadway

Exhaustion seems to whit your imagination,
For you cannot dismiss the uncanny feeling,
That a winged deathly presence will descend on you,
But your stiletto invites the self-air of a cat

Ahead the horizon remains a mystery, terrifying,
As you walk without any sound of your footfall,
But you cannot shake away the hard biting looks all around,
Worst still the sky remained flat, dead and frozen

But your heart beats different strange sounds,
As if you are on a path…

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Even in Death

Aston kamunde


Time was never guided by rules since the day they met,
Neither does it stop, but it stopped their hearts to feel for each other,
Theirs is a trapped amber of a moment, of a stagnant peace
Their hearts grandly singing sweet melodies of love

So strong, that they lost all discipline of their emotions and sensibility,
Even in death, their love chains and bonds them together,
With a language of pulse, blood and of last whispers,
Passing away is no respect to their oneness

The outer world seemed gray and empty,
Filled with strange sounds of a chaotic quality,
But they seemed lost in their own, their minds filled with such reverie,
That had an immense, peaceful yet humbling power

In death, the sun could no longer tease a true shine,
It only contained a soft gray luster that they longer needed,
They had refuge for one another and…

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