A thread of sunshine sweetened her beautiful face,
And while the low orange candle descended in the sky,
It started intoxicating warm light on her frail skin,
For mysterious shadows of truth had taken over…. too late!

The weakening abyss of memories overwhelmed her,
A big stain started forming in her gasping heart,
Self disgust purged against those dark, piercing secrets,
A guilt that was tirelessly cutting her down like death

The dead past suddenly coming to catch up with her,
She felt like she had to make the most wrenching confession,
But the plain natured flowers calmed her soul,
The deliciously dark roses were patterned by angry thorns

The prospect of taking another step was too daunting,
For she really was not a straight arrow,
She never played by the rules of any chastening book,
She chewed but vomited from coast to coast,
She was a free soul that knew freedom and felt it,
She considered it more authentically pleasing to her bruised heart


16 thoughts on “Dark Rose

  1. Thank you for this beautiful thought provoking poem.I am intrigued and inspired by your work. So do take a look at my latest post coming up called “Salt of my Tears” Best. Chevvy.

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      1. Great! I just wanted to say that you had your own God-given talent before I came along but I’m happy to encourage you in your art. I’ve been reading quite a bit of your work and hope 2016 is a good year for you:-)

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