Dead Rose

Aston kamunde


The sky was plated in black clouds, bearded and blind,
As if it reflected of what she felt in her now dark and empty soul,
She panicked at the scathing and piecing memory of her child,
The meaning of that loss was an equation that could never be solved

In the meadows she maintained an uncoordinated walk,
There were no trees, only a few struggling weeds and grass,
She dropped to her knees because she felt too weak to walk,
She went down to her hands and feet all in fours,
She didn’t seem to have the strength to crawl either…

Tears seemed inadequate expression of her loss,
She freed those emotions that she had husbanded for many years,
She stared up in heaven as if to get answers to her quivering questions,
The one why and the a thousand what if’s seemed to tear her apart

She reeled in…

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Luminous Mystery


For some people, the past is an endless chain

of one dark opening to the next in another

their days pass freely with no history to record or set them free

and their tomorrow is a constant ringbolt of slavery to their yesterday.


I never wish to belong there since i have a blithe spirit

and although life seems to flash before my eyes

I choose to record this moment, beneath the pale-salted moonlight

with pure pleasure i rest my eyes frozen from bruised experiences.


The moon is slivering smoothly and tentatively through the trees and leaves

it is shining a luminous light outing on all the darkness around

it feels like a little moment in eternity that could never be replaced,

and my vision is growing from inside out as time stands still.


The sounds of my breath are slowing and thinning out in air

this moment is as light as air escaping in form of small molecules

the silent night appears mysterious in its tenderness and clarity

and the silence of the panoply of stars makes this moment irreplaceable.


Towards the ending of the night curious hollowness engulf me

the certainty of it all is making the essence of this slowly slip away

but because neither the moon nor the stars are fading away

enthusiasm and delight are starting to warm my feathery heart.






A Touch of Silence

Nature and silence equals peace

Aston kamunde


This new day brings me gifts,
It brings with it wonderful surprises,
They are blind faith of words without a heart,
Those that are not obvious to my searching eyes

Silence is a universal impulse often untested,
A gift that reaches the unreachable,
It harbors the sounds of freedom that lets me be,
Because the unheard ones are always sweeter

I have to listen to the soft whispers of the wind,
The whispers that carry all the secrets and wisdom,
The whispers that feed my soul on fire,
Whispers that carry all the knowledge of truth

I look up to the sun to guide my direction,
And a panoply of stars to shine upon me in the night,
And in the maze of silence in my solitude,
I wash away all mannerisms and hypocrisy,
And breathe the air of self possession!

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Lovers under the Moon

Heat of a moment…

Aston kamunde

moon art

The night is half full but expectant with promises,
Shadows seem to ebb and flow,
As the sky is covered by the intricate wheelwork of the stars,
The night quiet like an abandoned church

The moonwalkers lay in hush under the spell,
The moon covering them with silvered winkling light,
Their hungry presence poised against each other,
The still air hanging deep with expectations

Their hot blood flow with blind passion,
As they seek to explore and discover each other’s bodies,
The anticipation of sex consumes them more than the experience itself,
As the unfastening of every button seemed like a promise unveiled

They ride in the crests of self blinded passion,
Unaware of their very own mortality,
As they desperately search to burn away their own desires,
Their naked bodies turning, weaving and shimmering in the night

The pale moment in the night seemed like a revelation fulfilled,

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Shudder of Pleasure

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Brief twists of hot soft winds caressed my skin,

With an approach of irreplaceable delight that eluded all measure of wariness,

And the vision of me remained beautiful and vivid like the best writer,

And the beauty, murky blue in the sky reflected that what I felt


And I fought to suppress all heavy expectations,

That come with constant crank and crackle to my skin,

Of exhaustion and bewilderment as if I had walked a thousand miles,

And I just wanted to feel the sinuous grace of free flowing mercury all around







The Naked Tree


A strange sense of dread grew as minutes passed,

The dark eastern sky had started fading into old grey,

The naked tree stood alone in the bare earth as if abandoned to die

It had deep, vacant expression that worried her as she approached it


She felt her throat and eyes burning with intense radiation,

She looked at the blank and lifeless tree with a stern gaze,

She thought she saw the tree looking back at her,

It had a weak yet strong stare that resembled that one of a blind man


Weakness spread through her body that breathing took an effort,

She waited with impending horror for anything to break the silence,

Only the blackened birds plummeted across the sky above the tree,

The stormy wind was breaking the brisk air making the tree shudder


The sadness of the tree made her heart slow to the dull throb of a pendulum,

All her senses shrunk and merged to share the pain of the lone tree,

In her control she wished she had the power to save the pleading tree,

She wished she could reach out for justice of peace to tie the knot


The sky, the bird-like clouds seemed as if reflecting the pain,

She couldn’t take her eyes off the pellucid figure before her,

As she felt the last drops of adrenaline depleting slowly from her body,

Resigning hopelessly to teardrops while her heart played slow rhythms,

Music of changing this uncertainty, for something had to change



One Day


One day life will take priority over history

when all things will raise their heads to witness

a new dawn free from pride customs and ethical standards

you will sing sweet melodies of organic language of true nature


Today, change is happening moment after moment

freeing from blind faith of words that chained you still

from a world full of lies and ignorant appeasement

that denies you the joy of embracing your promised you


One day, palls of sorrows will weigh less on your shoulders

you will fly, explore, weave and identify your revelations

and will realize your refinement lacking worst human faults

that colors self blinded contended experts unaware of their own mortality


One day, you will project your own reality and illusions

for how hurtful it can be, to fail to respect one’s born dignity?

In prayer it is better to have a heart without words

than have a thousand words without a heart







A Sweet Smile


A sweet smile possesses all the qualities of beauty and everything akin to it

with a rare kind of patience, it makes every footfall a caress

a sweet smile can make you afloat on a rising stormy sea

a sweet smile is the inner calm, deeper than science.


A sweet smile brings back golden glories to the true nature of mind

from the dark drowning memories that demand attention

a sweet smile is a small elegant pattern of singing roses

it is the delicate scent brightened powerfully from the air around.


A sweet smile has all words that enchant the heart with rareness

a sweet smile is all freedom; it is neither toothed nor horned

it stops your heart and time to feel the things you never knew existed

It is not guided by rules and inspires a sense of confidence and self-possession.


A sweet smile is as natural as feathers to a bird

a sweet smile can be dishonored by another but never abased

a sweet smile shines on a colorless light an auroral luminosity

it imposes order in a chaotic existence and marries innate dignity

A sweet smile is perfect, tidy, neat and has no iota of wrinkle.








A Key Moment



Down in the hungry grasping greedy darkness,

Down to the hungry and urgent animal dark,

He was overwhelmed with the abyss of memories,

That he needed to unburden himself before the twilight


The sky was covered by the stars and the icy moon,

The beautiful blue moon compelled attention from his being,

But it seemed to be transmitting vibrations of a punishing world,

He glared at the moon with eyes sharp enough to cut it into two


He seemed to have been taken outside the hands of time,

Shadows quickly appeared and disappeared all at once,

The spongy wind was softly escalating from gust to gale,

Then suddenly the sky appeared black and evil as a dragon’s egg


Scraps of torn lifeless leaves fell from the shaken trees,

The blind and concealing night offered but a small refuge,

From the rejected values battered by the sudden insanity and chaos,

For the cold world always turns again and changes in dismay


His heart was as colorless it felt cold and plain like concrete,

He felt as if the whole world was closing on him and sinking him deeper,

He raised his eyes towards the majestic oak tree that rippled with a flow,

As if begging it to bring heaven on his side of impending death,

A key moment was happening at that creaking and screaming gloom