As Lovers Do…



Roses and Thorns


Fiery Love


Eyes had turned hollow

All glitter had vanished

Held neither curiosity

Nor iota of hope


Shadows subdued the sun

Tears warmed his laps

He felt guilty

And dirty



Strain and drain seeped

Into his flesh and bones

Reducing him into a corpse


He wished to burn all memories

Memories of his fertile mind

Those he hoped would flower

Now they hid behind his eyelids


He wished to let go of all the pain

Wished it to be so easy

Like opening eyes

But it wasn’t


Eyes shut, he conjured the image

Its presence wouldn’t fail him

Had never failed him

It steadied his senses


He recalled the image

It noticed him




Sound were soft




Lulled him into security

The Chance


Do it

Do it now

Time is ripe

Lexis was whirling


Urgency twirled her mind

Trembling sticky fingers

Sweat itching pale skin

Heartbeat threatening


Despite her good manners

They made her invincible

Always ignored



But finally today

She was going to do it

The reality ragged her breath

Hardened by stiff gulps of salty air


Sharp needles of the sun

Caused cold but silent sobs

The sky appeared pale and grey

The late afternoon glow centered her


She was armed

Body and spirit

Hid it in her tongue

Careless, honest and ready


Today she had a chance

To be a colorful hum

A full entity


















Please Tell..


Tell me,

Trust me…

I can see the sadness

The hurt in your eyes


Floating in an abyss of emotions,

She quivered with a thousand “whys’

Why not tell the truth?

Why not share her secret?


The need to speak was killing her,

To unburden all the weight,

That she husbanded,

Yet doubts swarmed through her


She had already formed the right words,

All the words that she needed,

Were already in her tongue,

But she couldn’t answer him



Silence exploded between them,

It was as if she could touch it,

She felt the temptation to speak



She called out sour memories,

Needed to remind herself,

The mistake of trusting


He pulled her close in hush,

Her heart willingly answered,

But it was protesting all at once,

Her resolve began weakening…