Alert and wide eyed as an owl,
Weary of the sunny but cold day,
My gaze sharp, as a broken bottle,
To the strange symbols of that blazes with meaning

Strange sounds engulf my ears with a touch of quality,
Those that turn my eyes hot and grainy,
Exhaustion seem to dull my imagination,
As it drifts to memories that demands an audience

All the trees around me are spilled with a currency of shadows,
My hopes of discovering the meaning expiring slowly,
A quiet amazement caressed the air around me,
As I seem lost in a moment of transcendence

My imagination rang a whole tabernacle of bells,
Soft but cold breezes caressing my skin,
To a realization of an inner life deeper than science,
A profound feeling of a life so pure and worthy
With an humbling and immense power


9 thoughts on “Cold Whispers

  1. wow this is gorgeous! I’m so glad I clicked through to see who you are what you write. Curiosity always gets the better of me 🙂 “My gaze sharp, as a broken bottle,” –that is one very cool simile. The poem is excellent and that line really grabs the eye and mind of the reader. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Again thanks so much for those kind and encouraging words. Words are only beautiful and amazing in poetry! Am so glad am part of this! Please keep reading! My best regards!


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