I Am


I am a brightly colored petal that sings in the wind,
My appetite appeals to guide my precious virtues,
While my soul seeks to demystify the many layers of mysteries,
To tranquil the raging storms which form sad fearful faces…

I like slowing every moment with a light kiss,
Even those instances that try to fail my efforts,
For they carry great, silent and gentle humbleness,
That is only open for the windows of my soul…

As the moon shines a silvered pale light,
I bath in a pool of sophisticated strong air,
That is unspeakable than the fear in me,
Of a black script that swirls before my eyes

Like an electric current, my heated blood pulse,
From the hunger of seeking and exploring,
All the innocence and splendor that lies ahead,
And to see the many faces that beauty presents

As the invincible dawn brings in new strengths and possibilities,
I will slow down my heart to the pace of a pendulum,
To feel the golden-orange rays run through my skin,
And to remind me that I am alive and living!



New Day


A new day opens my hands to light after dark…
The crick crack of waking trees brings new anticipations,
To my heart stunned by the face of time, of yesterday and the past,
As my anxious agile mind slips to the new possibilities of this new day

Swirling masses of rainbow colored birds interlace the morning sun,
Singing and chirping frantically, gestures of every morning, a new day,
To my amazed eyes, it is a certain innocence peppered with wonder,
That takes me into a light but deep dreamlike bliss in this striking morning

The orange-yellowed distillery of the sky radiates something marvelous,
In all its horrors, the world appears acutely beautiful and breathtaking,
I am honey, pouring myself into the yellow and warm shafts of rays,
I am absorbed completely and totally to welcome this new day

Like a free young child, I take all the raw intensity of this morning,
Letting the light of creation to swim and shine through my body,
My visible delicate veins bring a tenderness that surprise me,
For I know that each morning makes me fresh and holy again!

Why Not?


Why not me?
I am a willing human being,
I am all feeble and helplessly bound both hands and feet,
Optimistically counting on that faintly glowing sign in the dark

I deserve to be rewarded for all my blinding aspirations,
Those dreams that I had seen clearly in my mind’s eye but not grasped,
Those that have given me sleeplessness and quivering pain,
Those that burn relentlessly with black, suspicious knowledge

I see that who baths in the golden moments under the sun,
One who is in absolute and perfect happiness,
The sun generous and promising in the cloudless sky,
Why shouldn’t it be me?

But why not take pleasure in this moment and the next?
Because moments harmonize and illuminate each other,
Each radiating vitality and demanding alertness,
This is what defines the arbitrary nature of this life,
This moment carries an air of binding trust,
Why not trust it?


Simple Beginning


It was an early and thin drizzle that accompanied that morning,

My beginning seemed already here, all hope fulfilled,

Of all the shadowy concept of youth that lay inside me,

With a benign smile that washed away all delusional feelings


At that moment I felt a sudden and faint glow,

That had overgrown the annoying air of silly mysteries,

I had to wave goodbye to all sucking aspirations,

I wanted a simple life that floated easily through the air around me


In that still and quiet morning I waited with a bated breath,

For the thin flickering yellow strands of light that struggled through the clouds,

That I may bath in the blinding sunlight that could be more generous,

For my first of absolute and fleeting moment of happiness


A promising and glorious clear cloudless skies is all I longed, needed,

That has all black knowledge that could burn away all unawareness,

Birds thrumming through the skies danced to their songs,

And the black shouting flowers unshackled through the leaves of trees,

I tentatively swallowed the lamp of ecstasy that welled inside me,

I knew that the presence of present things was indeed sight and I was there…




Where Art Thou?


Tonight I will wait patiently for the clear promising sky

for the falling star, to make a wish yet again

the white moon and frozen stars will be my faithful witnesses

where Art Thou? Please answer the calls of my heart!


I am a dreamer and a believer in endless love

a dreamer of all the things that we could be, could share

am all human and I need love, I need to be loved even more

where Art Thou? Am tired of counting the stars alone!


The Silly and sometimes annoying games of love are lacking

in my plain life but i need to change this and more

I’ll drop all my resistance and open my heart for you

where Art Thou? There is so much adventure for us to see, to explore!


I will wait in this all consuming night full of hope

to feel and taste the freedom, the burden and pain of love

and share a lifetime moment full of innocence and time

where Art Thou? Please see through the windows of my soul!


We can make time stand still as we give each other endlessly

that which is enough in under the storms and the still skies

Undiluted love to restore order and pride in our chaotic existence

where Art Thou? With perfect humility, am down on my knees and hands!


With the graying hair on our heads, our nights will forever remain young

as we explore our intimacy under the golden horizons in our sunset days

to feel warm embrace from the love that shields and keeps us safe

Where Art Thou? All my senses merge when I feel my affection for you!




One Question


This inevitable pattern is coloured by a mysterious aura,

To most, it is the trapping web where the condemned are chained,

A vain struggle that is circled with dark certainties,

In it, retreating and turning back is almost impossible


These thoughts penetrated deeper and deeper into my mind,

While brief strokes of sunlight accompanied by warm breeze washed my face,

Vanishing all the pale plain colours clogged on my struggling skin,

From the ill-starred and dismal destiny that was beckoning


I tried to make heads or tails of this threatening, throbbing one question,

If I was an art, an artistic creation…..what would I be?

Would I be an easy sweet lying piece of poem?

Would I be a beautiful sad song from an old recording?

Would I be a pious painting that accompanied travellers of hypocrisy?

Or would I be a piece of sculpture that demanded and inspired respect?


All around me… were beautiful and colourful petals that moved with equal rhythm,

A rhythm that bound them together to their unrestricted nature,

They seemed to surrender inexplicably to the nemesis that claimed them,

Oh! It was a delicate secret of trust to the unknown, to the invincible!






Enigma in the Woods


I was compelled to flitter around the fresh optimistic stones,

That appeared suspicious yet safeguarded as if braced,

Of the possibility of excursion which is utterly despairing,

Appeared forgotten by everyone and noticed by no one but me


As I set quietly through the lovely dark winding woods,

That seemed to brew a sense of poignant yet inexplicable mystery,

Nothing seemed to penetrate through my tired mind,

As I let the dark woods embrace me from the world that is ungainly at showing love


My mind was filled with incomprehensible images with a flickering sequence,

Those images that instantly seemed to provoke tears for no reason,

It felt like a moment that my enigma seemed to take charge,

I was alone in the woods; there was neither reason nor rhyme not to let it


The woods had a flattering pinch of love that was consuming,

This that strangely made my lithe spirit more free and open,

I felt part of the steam of time amongst everything that surrounded me,

Breathing the purest, undiluted air of self-possession….





Sweet Reflections


Thin blades of sunshine cut through layers of mists,

Bringing a strange sort of glow with traces of sympathy,

As I sat engrossed in my orgy of palatable solitude,

Where urgent, varied thoughts seemed to whirl my brain


This was a penultimate moment of groping through my gone days,

As I let my thoughts drag me in this unmapped journey,

All those thoughts made me remember the delights and pains of life,

Every one of them that made me who I am NOW


Time seemed to stand still for my sweet reflections,

As I discovered familiar pattern in my days,

That mysteriously piloted me in the same inexorable direction,

Of the fact that life offers no favors and no one should expect either


Nothing is permanent, as most are coincidental, obscure or transient,

That unexpected always happen in the wake of time,

As I watched a healthy branch sprouting from a sickly dying tree,

I tried to conjure up my mind’s eye process of this unfamiliar sight,

The images were crystal clear and well lit with understanding








Fading Horizon..


Is it true that hope springs eternally while despair sits comfortably?

Glowing anticipation can turn out to be just an illusion?

And that sometimes stepping stones can turn to be tombstones?

This makes my heart sink while my confidence is slowly swallowed by self pity


The single strand of yellow rose claimed survival wearingly,

Sprayed by the shafts of bright yellowed threads of sunshine,

But its delicious scent had faded to the smell of a last meal,

It stood there as if tired of standing in that garden in all eternity


My face seemed too hollow and gray at the heartbreaking sight,

Of the blurring borderline of the hills and the many green trees,

As I searched frantically for the golden horizon to color my soul,

Because my faith was dejecting and lop siding slowly away from me


I felt insufficient and restlessness was lurking vigorously in me,

Cutting my heart with its sharp claw like mysteries,

I felt the weight of the perversity and coldness of this world,

As I tried to save my dying hopes through the dazzling haze,

All my senses were shrinking and merging at the centre of my heart




Timeless Inertia


I thought it was the first and last day,

In that cold evening whose silence was screaming

A thin mist of air hung over all around the air around me,

The only sign of life was the bird that swooped over the darkening sky


It felt like a sudden realization of the world’s real dimensions,

As I stood there for a moment to feel the moment of vertigo,

A delicate smell of beautifully arranged black roses crept up to me,

The scent so sweet wafted tentatively and slowly to my hungry nostrils


This felt like a brief moment with no space and only stretched time,

I wanted to feel and taste all my burdens and the pain that heaved in me,

I also wanted to feel every taste of freedom as every pain faded away,

My feelings and my life felt like was in a state of timeless inertia


I faintly was among those who colored innocence and time,

To the face of the cold world that is gray and empty,

I could see the sky turning darker above the proud oak trees,

I wanted to feel this way every day in my mind’s eye,

A vision that was carried faithfully to me by the warm breezes…