Façade of my calm!

Watching the sun go down like a dying amber,
I lay still… lost in thoughts,
As I listen to the sounds of the fading day,
A steady rhythm to the pattern that am accustomed to,

They say life is like a flower,
Beautiful, fragile and with a delicious perfume,
But is it true?
Are there invisible thorns underneath it all?

Is life a vocation?
An ephemeral ambition that everyone has?
But only a few are lucky to realize?
Leaving the hearts of many irreparably damaged?

I feel for my broken heart,
A heart that has experienced the worst crushing,
All innocence taken away,
And delicate defenses gone and some left vulnerable,

Perhaps with the reminiscent of the day,
I should be more careful, resilient and effervescent tomorrow,
And like the vision in my dreams,
Realize my vacation and enjoy the adventures of life!


Wrong Direction

Aston kamunde

I track in this unfamiliar road,
The destination seem so vague in my mind,
I can feel my tired feet screaming from the biting exhaustion,
But deep inside I know I got to keep going,

I see faces staring at me,
Their whispers threatening to pierce my eardrums,
As I walk in the ‘wrong’ direction,
But the voices in my head make each stride stronger,

But where am I headed to?
My heart suppresses the fear that is creeping inside me,
I keep moving on and on as my loyal shadow keep besides me,
Restoring in me a sense of a deeper meaning,

The golden horizon smiles kindly ahead of me,
Am captivated by the swaying of the trees,
They dance to the music of the birds,
Am surrounded by bright colors of the rainbow,

The sweetest disposition befalls me!
I can’t help but smile,
For like the color of…

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My relentless Instincts!

The weather is balmy and awfully beautiful,
Dazzling beauty that runs my eyes blind,
To the seemingly unnaturally textureless feeling from within,
Of a wreck, a shambles that my spirit has become,

All my defences are up and against,
To the grips of some kind of impending horror,
Instinctively alerting all my senses to the possibility,
Of indescribable horror of failure!

I will not be content to settle with what life has to offer,
There is so much I dream of, hope for, need and want,
And even though I have hit rock bottom and even sunk lower,
I have to bounce back and dove higher with vengeance,

I crave for the ocean; the rise and fall of the tides,
To ride in the crests of the waves and become invincible,
A quest for solitude that is so overwhelming,
For it represents an experience that is beyond dreaming,

Its agonizing to realize that life offers no second chances,
But does loving life mean i have to lose parts of myself?
When I am hopeless and in dire need of help,
My natural instincts will come and save me,
All i have to do is lose myself in them with enough faith!

Tiny Love!

It is a wonder word,
It never makes demands nor gives conditions,
It is humble,
A tiny room in your heart is a word too enough,
Not too big or too small,
To sparkle endless magic that is only too good!

That Dollar!

I wait with bated breath!
For a dollar to seal my blank unreflecting wallet,
And savoir all delicious foreign cuisine,
Own a mansion by the sea side,
Explore all the glorious places of the world,

Oh how my heart burns with a fiery desire,
Churning like the ocean during a storm,
In a relentless search of the indefinable dollar,
To ultimately buy and own happiness…OH!
A tremor of cold fear strikes through my spine!

My skin crawls from the instant horror!
No breath, no voice,
Just the impact of shocking realization!
That the dollar is my spirit’s hostle allay,
Can’t let go my ever loyal constant friend for the dollar!

The promises made by the talented dollar are awe-inspiring,
But never forget they are forbidden my mother says, though strangely compelling,
What is a man with an empty shell in the heart?
Clouded by a flavorless spiritless deceiving dough,
Away from a friend that offers small cold comforts even in stabbing despair,

But wait! I will hold the dollar with one hand!
And zealously defend my spirit with the other!
Because a little struggle adds colors to living,
Finding that missing word to lock my puzzle,
And discover all the hidden treasures that are too small to see!

The Smiling Fate!

Questions seem to run over my mind,
As I walk in this familiar path,
That I have once again found myself,
It is a cruel mad world here,
But I walk knowingly for there is a world elsewhere,

In this path many have lost hope,
Desperation and despair seem to be the travelling companions,
It is a path where dreams seem to fight for their survival,
But I walk, steeled by the many things in life,

Sunlight dapples through the beautiful,
The light breeze softly whispering dark secrets,
That seduces all my senses,
Am calmed by the security herewith in,
Security that lovers seem to have in insubstantial,

Reality is patient and awaits for everyone,
And there is emptiness in life without a struggle,
My eyes behave with complete disregard of the prospects of failure,
With a smile I decide to court my fate,
For I know that luck is lucking with my smiling fate ahead!

The man in my mirror

Where does the answer exist?
Is it the passion that nearly ran me blind?
No, it is not,
For it bled my heart,
A thousand scars evident of the dark presence,

The answer exists deep inside me,
I feel it every time I breathe,
When I open my eyes to a new day,
Every time I stretch out my hands to receive the gifts of a new day

I see it in the reflection of my mirror,
When I see a man with golden dreams,
Decorated with desires for dazzling heights,
A sense of competence and peace overwhelm me,

The man in the mirror seems to hold the key,
To my daily pursuit of fulfillment and the seemingly elusive happiness,
Away from the tangle of lies and empty promises,
Flowing and moving around all around me,

The man in the mirror knows the key,
To the mystery gate of unchaining all apprehensions,
With fiery red light across the horizon being a sign,
Of possibility of discovering my infinity worth.

The ugly face of death…

Aston kamunde

I stand here in the moment in time,
Where time seems to stand still,
The sombre sky a reflection,
Of the sense of emptiness that I feel inside,

Golden moments were the days I had you,
Anticipation, anxiety filled the air around us,
The affection, the longing, the pain of love,
Are all gone with the shovel biting into the loose soil,

Desperately, I seek words of solace and comfort,
To allay the fears that are engulfing me,
My eyes unashamedly shed tears of pain,
For my body feels alone and sedated without you,

If I could employ a little magic,
I would bring you back again,
For we still have many things to do and to see,
To explore the adventures that are glorious and full of possibilities,

With much horror I feel the hand of death,
As I stand here losing all my sense of self preservation,

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A gift from the ocean!

Aston kamunde

From a distance..
I can feel you calling..
Your sweet soft breeze..
The sound of your coming and going….

At the shore..
I can feel the hungry sand swallowing my rigid feet..
The beautiful wind, calming my exhausted skin..
I can’t help but i succumb to your seduction..

As i get deep and deeper…
I feel your most beautiful warmth..
I get the most beautiful feeling..
A feeling that i could never possibly put into words..

I close my eyes to feel more of it..
Opening my eyes makes me wonder..
I see your sister…the sky….and i look at you..
Are you God’s favorite color??? i ask

I dance to the rhythm of your song..
I sing and dance together with you..
The rise and fall of your tides..
Could i live here with you forever??

I don’t want to go back again..
I don’t want to return to the…

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