The Promise


“You promise?”

Aged only six years,

A promise meant trust,

Strangers meant no harm


The night had descended,

Silence roamed the eerily air,

It was dark, blinding and unnatural,

Grass sounded brittle in the coldness


Sudden fear ensnared her vulnerability,

“I want my mommy!”

She screamed at him,

But he was holding her hand tightly


The tight grip hurt her,

“You want to play?”

“I will show you a game.”

She was pulled towards stretched shadows


A pale moon hung just above,

Sprinkled stars surrounding it,

The sky appeared velvet black,

As if foreseeing impending horror


Stormy emotions circled her,





Tears rolled down her cheeks,

She tried to free from his grip,

Power was with him,

She couldn’t


Nights like these transformed him,

Drove wild his animal instincts,

Hunting for naive fluid beauty,

Obeyed demanding sounds


Subdued in the stretching cold night,

Flames leaped within her body,

Sending sharp sparks of pain,

She couldn’t scream,

Not anymore











An Adornment


I am a creation of art,

An awe-inspiring beauty,

Filled with everlasting appeal,

But death was the price


I hang as an adornment,





Savoring the compliments,

The whoring evil genius,

Altered my being,

My joy


I’m lifeless,

I’m numb,

Feeling neither joy nor sadness,

Responding to the calls of my ancestor’s time


Bottling the desire to lead my days,

As I want,

Where I want,

How I want


I miss kissing the elastic breeze,

I miss dancing in the loving storm,

I miss the interminable sunrise quarrel,

From the colorful birds in half-lighted days


Apoplectic rage fills the air,

From the trees standing like a pack of mourners,

They bore witness as violence tumbled down,

Everything and everyone is battered down




Whirling Gusts


As I hugged the unusual, empty, snaking road,

I was well aware of the invincible presence,

A whoring evil presence… staring…hating,

Line of unsettled faces souring with loath


Sometimes I felt naked under their invincible gawk,

Overwhelmed with the stench of everlasting exhaustion,

But the feeling also filled my soul with a sickly sweet anticipation,

Of fate, luck or even unluck


The growing wind carried a myriad of strange dialects,

They were hissing sounds with undercurrents of fury,

What’s wrong with leading my life? Owning my life?

Doing what I want, where I want and how I want it!


I struggled to keep all obscenity well hidden in my heart,

Feeling the joy and the hurt of it too,

It attracted a strange and a curiously exciting feeling,

It felt unearthly, delectable, sweet and satisfying


I got distracted by a lone spidery purple flower,

It was neither pleasant nor unpleasant,

The flower carried neither any perfume nor odor,

Fire from the sky sent red hot winds along its path


They hissed violence that equaled the thumping of my chest,

They came from the sky of death to life,

They multiplied like maggots in a corpse,

Were they winds of change or of a new assurance?


Everything and everyone was battered down,

Consumed by self-fed agony,

Except for the lonely purple flower,

That huddled defensefully deep in the loose soil…







Cody…..Shining from ‘The Other Side”

I cannot believe that you are absent yet again,
I wish I could employ a little magic,
To bring you back to life,
Just for a minute to experience your presence



Thoughts are dragging me in their wake,
They are urgent, varied and exhaust my senses,
This is an orgy kind of solitude never felt before,
As I crave to see you annoy me just once again

We shared all the delights and pains of life,
These memories glow but they also hurt with odd sharpness,
I felt the hand of death when I saw you breathe your last,
I still wish that I could do something, anything for you

I still reel with tears when images of your weak body prop up,
Struggling in vain to suck your last energy while in my arms,
The images are still crystal clear and well-lit in my mind’s eye,
They force me through the horrors of death throes

Your parting has made me become who I am,
I do not know who I am anymore,
I have become a maze of shambles
I am full of grief beyond comprehension

Time after time, I call upon your name from memories,
Cody, Cody…. reality always storms my heart,
Silence, silence that I never knew existed,
I had seen it better never taken it in

I have resigned my hopes to the inevitable ‘other side’,
I can’t stop wondering if you are happy in that other side,
The strands of sweetened morning sunshine remind me of you,
You were my sunshine and still are…
For as a kitty I made you a home in my heart to stay forever,









The light prickled at her tiny, fragile face,

Tears were freely dripping her childish cheeks,

They guttered beneath her innocent and pleading eyes,

The air was getting out of her lungs, fast


I desperately searched for words, a word of comfort,

But they had fallen away the moment I met her stare,

She was young and her mysteries only deepened mine,

My soul was getting heavy and was causing tremors in me


What could I say to her?

Did she expect I had the meaning of pain?

I was tempted to look for meaning, any meaning

But was that not why she was crying? Coz of a lie?


Time recedes but she has plenty of it ahead her,

To live the horrors of this cold, ungiving, gray world,

Slowly like a deep river,

That realization forced my eyes to expel cascades of tears


I wished the tenderness of life was brought by each fresh day,

She was a petal, bright, delicate and translucent,

Caught in early morning blades of light,

Life flowed easily through her, raw in its intensity


This vision of her was totally and completely absorbing,

It was delightful and depressing,

I couldn’t speak, couldn’t help her,

She floats in a pool of time that holds the right words






Delicious Death Moan


I wish I could turn myself into a stone

to escape the sharp edged feelings that cut thru’

with so much horror that numbs me again and again

in a world that has suddenly tuned chaotic and insane.


In vain I try to take and hold deep breaths to imagine

a beauty that is colored by all things that really matter

the simple, self-effacing life away from structured surrounding

but the reality of it all could be further away from nightmare.


While I cloak all this profound reality in my poetry

i do it with a grave heart hyperaware of any gale

inspiration has seized me mixed with animal power

as I inhibit this air and silence that stretches to infinity.


The world torments the innocent with cruel pleasure in her eyes

uglying glowing flesh that once basked in the sun

splitting it apart so perfectly with a faithful bomb or a bullet

tingling pleasure that creates repulsive Goosebumps to its masters.


In my world, the air has turned cold and too fragile

that I am afraid to bow to the bottomless of its eyes

because it feels like entering into an endless dark tunnel

all that makes the innocent to hold on tightly to death

with eyes raised up as if pleading for help from the sky.




The Naked Tree


A strange sense of dread grew as minutes passed,

The dark eastern sky had started fading into old grey,

The naked tree stood alone in the bare earth as if abandoned to die

It had deep, vacant expression that worried her as she approached it


She felt her throat and eyes burning with intense radiation,

She looked at the blank and lifeless tree with a stern gaze,

She thought she saw the tree looking back at her,

It had a weak yet strong stare that resembled that one of a blind man


Weakness spread through her body that breathing took an effort,

She waited with impending horror for anything to break the silence,

Only the blackened birds plummeted across the sky above the tree,

The stormy wind was breaking the brisk air making the tree shudder


The sadness of the tree made her heart slow to the dull throb of a pendulum,

All her senses shrunk and merged to share the pain of the lone tree,

In her control she wished she had the power to save the pleading tree,

She wished she could reach out for justice of peace to tie the knot


The sky, the bird-like clouds seemed as if reflecting the pain,

She couldn’t take her eyes off the pellucid figure before her,

As she felt the last drops of adrenaline depleting slowly from her body,

Resigning hopelessly to teardrops while her heart played slow rhythms,

Music of changing this uncertainty, for something had to change



Dead Rose


The sky was plated in black clouds, bearded and blind,
As if it reflected of what she felt in her now dark and empty soul,
She panicked at the scathing and piecing memory of her child,
The meaning of that loss was an equation that could never be solved

In the meadows she maintained an uncoordinated walk,
There were no trees, only a few struggling weeds and grass,
She dropped to her knees because she felt too weak to walk,
She went down to her hands and feet all in fours,
She didn’t seem to have the strength to crawl either…

Tears seemed inadequate expression of her loss,
She freed those emotions that she had husbanded for many years,
She stared up in heaven as if to get answers to her quivering questions,
The one why and the a thousand what if’s seemed to tear her apart

She reeled in horror and in that instant gripping grief,
She ardently wished to be dead that moment,
That wish was powerful and silent as her silent-loud scream,
Her body, mind and soul were filled with the last memories of her child,

The sky tarnished and the silvering mist become a darker welcoming her emotions,
She could not relish the thought that she would carry that pain the rest of her life,
Her heart knocked against at her ribs at that horrible thought,
Her life had become a constant symbol for death and her love for her dead rose,
No amount of meditation would direct her towards the path of serenity