A strange sense of dread grew as minutes passed,

The dark eastern sky had started fading into old grey,

The naked tree stood alone in the bare earth as if abandoned to die

It had deep, vacant expression that worried her as she approached it


She felt her throat and eyes burning with intense radiation,

She looked at the blank and lifeless tree with a stern gaze,

She thought she saw the tree looking back at her,

It had a weak yet strong stare that resembled that one of a blind man


Weakness spread through her body that breathing took an effort,

She waited with impending horror for anything to break the silence,

Only the blackened birds plummeted across the sky above the tree,

The stormy wind was breaking the brisk air making the tree shudder


The sadness of the tree made her heart slow to the dull throb of a pendulum,

All her senses shrunk and merged to share the pain of the lone tree,

In her control she wished she had the power to save the pleading tree,

She wished she could reach out for justice of peace to tie the knot


The sky, the bird-like clouds seemed as if reflecting the pain,

She couldn’t take her eyes off the pellucid figure before her,

As she felt the last drops of adrenaline depleting slowly from her body,

Resigning hopelessly to teardrops while her heart played slow rhythms,

Music of changing this uncertainty, for something had to change




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