This new day brings me gifts,
It brings with it wonderful surprises,
They are blind faith of words without a heart,
Those that are not obvious to my searching eyes

Silence is a universal impulse often untested,
A gift that reaches the unreachable,
It harbors the sounds of freedom that lets me be,
Because the unheard ones are always sweeter

I have to listen to the soft whispers of the wind,
The whispers that carry all the secrets and wisdom,
The whispers that feed my soul on fire,
Whispers that carry all the knowledge of truth

I look up to the sun to guide my direction,
And a panoply of stars to shine upon me in the night,
And in the maze of silence in my solitude,
I wash away all mannerisms and hypocrisy,
And breathe the air of self possession!


22 thoughts on “A Touch of Silence

    1. Wow! Thanks So much for those amazing words. Its such a honor to get wonderful complement from the passion that burns in me! Am so glad you visited and made a comment! Thanks and my best regards!


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