scary 2

Chaos is at the very center of this universe,
I felt it diving with so much vengeance,
As if coming to avenge vows not kept,
And with it I have had so much experience,
And at the very core of chaos I found my strangeness

My eyes are fixed on a distant nothing,
Eyes wide and alert like those of an owl
My gaze sharp as if with a sinister calculation,
As I feel the thinnest sounds of misery fading,
Instinctively replaced by sweet desperate longings of my immortal soul

The sounds of chaos carry all the haunting melodies,
With eyes as cold with cruelty as time,
Chaos left the defenseless suffocating under the weight of despair,
With the stabbing reality of how wrong things are,
Making hearts bitter with recognition of lost promises

But midst these trees grim as mourners,
And with the silvered stiletto of light softly calling,
I let my remaining spirit ride in the crests of a new promise,
Of the vision throbbing in time inside my laboring heart,
Because after all, a single thread of sunshine is all I need!


2 thoughts on “Prodigy of Chaos

  1. Your translation of feelings to words is spot-on. It transported me back to a hollow, depressed, confused place… my life before discovering poetry and writing. That single thread of sunshine will get you through the coldest and darkest of times. Best to you, JJ42

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for allowing those words sail through your life. I have waited for anyone to offer me such incredible feedback because that is my exact style in writing. Going through all hurt feelings and finally managing to smile in the end! Thank you so much!


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