Surrounded by the hidden obscenity of the sky,

She coiled there naked and frayed,

Fire above the sky was as in her heart,

Ancestor’s winds carried a promise of rain,

But no amount of rain would cool her burning skin


Exposed under the judging eyes,

She had lost all her sensibility, earthiness and humanness,

Her dignity had been ensnared and reduced into fine dust,

She felt it disappearing into the red, hot fierce winds,

She huddled her defenseless sickly body against a million-knot gusts


She couldn’t,

She was small and weak,

She was a trapped powerless fly,

She took in all rain’s violence out of the tempest,

Regretting the loss of birth and of freedom


Violent battering rain equaled the pounding of her chest,

She hated her skin, weight and the texture of her hair,

She hated the trees and all the flowers,

She hated the sun, the moon and the stars,


She hated some more,

Hated the rain,

Hated her life,

…and gods,

She could only hate…









10 thoughts on “Broken Angel

  1. Your poem is amazing as it stands. I like that you leave the reader under no illusion. Sometimes, we have to stand WITH the pain, just as it is. No siftening of it to make the reader feel better. Great poem

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    1. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such a wonderful comment. Sometimes the only way to reach deep inside our pain is cutting through raw hurt feelings. You are right! It makes one feel better….especially because the reader feels like he or she is reaching out for someone out there!

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      1. Absolutely. The pain needs to be left to just “be” for a while. Not softened to suit somebody else’s sensibilities. Not always popular, but the greatest poets write uncompromisingly about pain. I love your writing.

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      2. Please keep writing in the way that your heart tells you. Smile. Sorry I can’t do the smillues becauseI am blind. I also sometimes make typing errors lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It is in my line of writing that I meet such wonderful kind faces such as yourself who encourage me to explore the my talent in a curious, free-spirited and exciting way! I am inspired by you already! So elated to make your acquaintance!

        Liked by 1 person

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