Finally I’m here today

Flying high on feathers of hope

Refusing to remain tight like a bud

From the risk of budding under the scorching sun

I often hear laughter invited from beyond

The shame, the dark thoughts and spite

Do they intend to break my spirit?

And hide my teary eyes beneath a bowed head?

The small bird sings a tune without words

Perching in the stems of my soul

Reminding that whether still or not

The daybreak is astoundingly clear



The free flowing light of my window

And an air of quiet fortitude

Vow that I need to be free

And get things off my chest

For far too long my eyes lost their bearing

I’ve been a bird with no place to land

Flying aimlessly as if escaping hell

Going in circles like a kite in the wind

I know they say no one is perfect, but I’m perfect in my own way

I deserve to experience raindrops drizzling down my skin

As they dance through the dazzling sunlight

I yearn to identify them and feel them

I want and need an earful of sound advice

All to be seen through the gentle curved lens

My courage is insisting and pulling hard

To fight back into light and air

A Bloom of Hope in the Middle of Nowhere

The fading smell of December rains

Accompanied the clear and lazy sky

Birds singing and chirping in the trees

Grasses uttering secretly underfoot

The sight was so beautiful that it hurt

She felt a snakelike delight that moment

This feeling was embedded in her skin

It crept through her the way a spirit would

For far, far too long she had been careless

Running away from the sharp vicious memory

That clutched her in a severe hurtful death grip

Leaving her with a helpless tired appearance

She was unable to fight back her teary eye blinks

All hurtful feelings cascaded through her like flood

Turning any and all husbanded anger watery

Mingled with a startling and lovely liberation

Dark-Colored Light

He was in a sorry state of despair

Everyday growing sorrier with disgust

Thinking of his low and filthy life

Soon he would steal than starve

Life felt like a statue whose parts were fit badly

And he deemed himself unworthy of sunlight

He had tried everything that he could

There was no more any art to it

The wrath of god had made him smaller than a vermin

And it forced him to wear that look each day

Malicious eyes accompanying him all over

With something hotter than loath

He walked aimless like a torn piece of paper

Blown through the vast deserts of Egypt

Resignation ringing loudly through his lips

Ignoring his wounded, closed appearance

All he could smell was imaginary food

He would risk everything that day

Even violence or violent death

The resolve ate him up like cholera

He ignored the lingering smear of red sunlight

Even the hordes of rats that sprawled his way

They were trivial in the grand scheme of things

Demanded voraciously in his flow of thoughts

Someone’s Watching


Helpless and hopeless I lose to my senses

I know I have the weakest flesh,

And I am unlucky enough to witness,

This is my chaos of existence


I keep blowing away every single ray of light,

Innocently I surrender my soul to the shadowy,

And wear it so comfortably like an old hat,

Even the town’s drunk seems contented with it


The land feels dry and hot in my feet,

As I desperately search for the scattered grass,

At least to assure myself that I will see that ray again,

Or even hope to get help from that who’s watching


My life is as fragile like a petal amidst dry lands,

I feel it receding like a boat on a shore,

It is getting away as in violence,

I only need that trifling mound of love


The world vibrates with piercing punishment,

Today is harder than the day before,

It is a strange sad mortality,

But the desire to live burns inside me,

It bursts like an over-flared balloon