Angel with the Broken Wings


When I saw her at first, my gaze was more steadier and focused on her eyes,
Her eyes seemed both sharp and beautiful, like an animal from the wild,
I saw refinement and also hurt in those eyes, which shone under the clear moon,
But desperate terror seemed to overwhelm them as if she was in pain

Steely eyed, she glared at me with intense pain as if to plea with me,
I saw spasms rippling through her entire body as she wept silently,
I held out my hand ready and willing to seize the moment and just hold her,
But sobbing, she faded into the specter as transparently as gauze

She had traversed many centuries and many histories to come searching,
The day she arrived, the sky was gray with fine mists sitting through the clouds,
Standing stonily, the frail shadows closed on her as an ocean to a sunken ship,
Night birds drifted through the air as if they were looking for their lost mates

She wanted to feel love and be loved, only once in her entire existence,
To end the sadness that had marked her life like a sheath in a cemetery,
Little did she know that giving or accepting love comes with paying a price,
It shone on her just the way the sun gleams on an ice before destroying it,
The world had rejected her with cruel pleasure in its eyes

I search for the angel with the broken wings with intent to show affection,
Pulsing like an electric current, my blood heats inside my veins,
Have you seen her? Please if you do, don’t cry…please don’t feel sorry,
Don’t rain pity on her, it flickered and killed her spirit a million times over,
When you see her, please don’t tell me…just smile with pure undiluted love



Cold Cold Night

moon good

I slept but fitfully because my nerves won’t relax,
I walked to my bedroom window and was met by birds chirping frenetically,
White as snow, the moon had risen to its zenith,
And the balmy air smelled sweetness of yellow jasmine petals,
But it didn’t possess a modicum of grace or nobility

In my groggy-drained state I idled futilely in my window,
I could kiss anyone who would chase this night away and bring another night,
Why was I feeling this way? Why did I feel this insistent presence?
A powerful presence seemed to be taking over the air around me,
I could smell the glint of pleasure and cruelty from the darkened presence

I tried to shake off the weird fear that was creeping all over me,
Maybe it was just sheer and plain panic that caused my fears,
But that thought was plagued by doubts that seemed to come from deep within,
Because that feeling was more unspeakable than the fear that glossed me,
I had a moment of intense rage against that invincible yet powerful presence

My heart seemed to throb so loudly inside my head,
And I was now struggling to catch my breath that came with acrid-smelling sweat,
It was as if that powerful presence had sucked oxygen from the air around me,
My head swirled with brutal light from my night stand,
Damn! I had been dreaming again! But this time so vivid as if it was real!

A New Birthday!


A new birthday brings innate gratitude
senses alert to the texture of treasure
animal suspicion become aware
of whispers from soft breeze
and merits of own sphere

A new birthday is silent and rare
is another grain of sand at the seashore
it is wild, gentle and has unrestricted nature
is the rhythm of rise and fall of a single wave

A new birthday is not the years that I live
is the number of stars that survive
figures that both fly or plunge
within the centum of my core

My birthday expels power of fate
shares delight and joy of pure chance
is a promise of happiness and hope for my life
God knows that is my perfect and earnest desire

Dead Rose


The sky was plated in black clouds, bearded and blind,
As if it reflected of what she felt in her now dark and empty soul,
She panicked at the scathing and piecing memory of her child,
The meaning of that loss was an equation that could never be solved

In the meadows she maintained an uncoordinated walk,
There were no trees, only a few struggling weeds and grass,
She dropped to her knees because she felt too weak to walk,
She went down to her hands and feet all in fours,
She didn’t seem to have the strength to crawl either…

Tears seemed inadequate expression of her loss,
She freed those emotions that she had husbanded for many years,
She stared up in heaven as if to get answers to her quivering questions,
The one why and the a thousand what if’s seemed to tear her apart

She reeled in horror and in that instant gripping grief,
She ardently wished to be dead that moment,
That wish was powerful and silent as her silent-loud scream,
Her body, mind and soul were filled with the last memories of her child,

The sky tarnished and the silvering mist become a darker welcoming her emotions,
She could not relish the thought that she would carry that pain the rest of her life,
Her heart knocked against at her ribs at that horrible thought,
Her life had become a constant symbol for death and her love for her dead rose,
No amount of meditation would direct her towards the path of serenity

Broken Meaning


The night sounds were returning tentatively,
And blackness lay behind the moon and the stars,
The air carried a subtle new energy,
Of a ghost town endowed with haunted love

The shadows of oak trees steadily inked towards the night whispers,
They seemed as though they were weary from heavy sympathy,
It seemed as though there was light in darkness,
It was a false but a welcome assumption to safety

Along the long lonely road lay a dark creature,
It was a beetle that was laying on its back struggling for dear life,
As ants relentlessly and mercilessly sucked from its leakage
Then a rat suddenly scarred up the bole of unseen phoenix palm,

Skepticism crept over the now brooding silence,
In the dark, deep, direct shadows that lurked in every corner,
It was a meaningless and dark-comic nature of life,
As today won’t hold any meaning that can change tomorrow,
Tomorrow that is guaranteed a higher order of fantasies fulfilled

The Phoenix Moment



She woke up abruptly breath caught in her throat,
This was the third or fourth time that she’d had that dream,
A dream that was filled with sounds of wings thrumming,
Any sign to the meaning of that dream seemed to matter more than ever

The night whistled then started whispering sounding soft and low,
The whispers were sluggish at fast then began sounding fast,
It felt though the anomalous shadows were creeping and leering at her,
Emotions of fear tied a knot in her throat; she swore she heard her name

Death sounded easier at that moment, more than living,
The realization of that meaning was mortifying, frightening and vivid,
With the gray, mourning clouds smeared across the sky,
She knew her end was coming…and the darkened night was enveloping her!

Omens seemed scattered extravagantly throughout her life,
The pain was so fierce and furious that she slip into a neutral state
A gust of arctic air hit her motionless and numb body,
She didn’t care anymore even if that fact diminished her from this world

She was simply drained and exhausted from that ringbolt that tethered her life,
Thirst began filling her body, more than what life had rained her,
She hoped to start again, a fresh start to a new wholesomeness,
And just like a phoenix, she gained new strength in her darkest moment,
Appetite was so overwhelming and intense that it filled her empty soul,
She trusted her phoenix intuitions explicably that came from deep within


The Versatile Blogger Award!

versatile award

A couple of months ago I was nominated for a versatile blogger award by Little Sunshine. She is an amazing person who just steered my passion of writing. She also writes amazing stuff on real and exciting issues that we face every day as well as sharing great recipe on exotic foods. Please do visit her blog, I do promise that you will be amazed. It’s great to have a platform where we can exchange ideas and in the process make our lives more exciting! You can visit her blog. Now back to the blogger award, I am so humbled. Being my first time for the nomination it’s just a great deal (That explains why am late to respond).

Am supposed to write down 7 things about myself then I list down my nominees.
1. I am deeply emotive and empathetic but also cautious person (This explains the nature of my poetry).
2. I love writing, it’s my life! Literally!
3. I love music, soft rock, country and any deep instrumental-based music anytime!
4. When asked about favorite color I always say “green” when in fact it is black! (I don’t know why I lie to myself and the world about it, don’t even own any outfit in green!)
5. Love my life, spicy food, meeting inspiring friends as well as engaging in deeply exhilarating activities.
6. I love dancing a lot. Uncoordinated I may, but I make sure I give my best to any good song.
7. I am always ready and eager to try new things, free spirited, liberated and a risk taker.
And now my nominees;
Chevv’y Studio
This Is My Life
Br. Andrew’s Muses
Just Joan 42
Cristian Mihai
Manan Unleashed
Annie’s Poetry
Haiku out of Africa
Well I nominated each of you because you have contributed immensely in my world of writing and you have amazing stuff going on in your blogs! P.S Just follow that simple process!
Thanks and good luck!

Leering Failure

You are never a failure! Trust me!

Aston kamunde


My imagination is all hope fulfilled,
It is my sensitive way out,
To an illicit rendezvous in the golden sky,
To feel inundated, guided and secure

From time to time it feels like a lifetime coming,
When I have to stick to the straight and narrow,
To get to the promises my mind’s eye presents,
Of all I need, dream and hope for,

When the world snubs me of all the things,
My imagination frets and doves with vengeance,
Rendering me to vulnerability and jostling me,
To a dark world decorated with screaming pain,

What if failure is just but an illusion?
Created and designed by my mind,
That it is a just a constant, unending battle,
That only freedom will agree to unchain,
From the maze of a clever imagination,

Failure has proven its obsolescence,
It seizes to exist in one steeled by the many things,
Things that made…

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Texture of Success

You Also Have a Success Story! Know why…

Aston kamunde

Love life and a lasting smile on your face

The path of success is one lonely path,
It is diligence that keeps one going,
Just like the branches of a tree,
Each takes its own definite direction

I like to think that it is not the total,
Of dreams that one has been able to harness,
Or the illusions or fantasies that are finally beckoning,
But the many paces taken towards the ultimate destination,

It is the aptitude to recover,
From a heavy stench of frustration,
Overwhelming and almost suffocating,
That made one scared but hopeful,

Success is causing little but visible sparks,
Of light that is brighter than the balmy sunshine,
In a world with virtually no prospects,
That wakes feelings of strength and confidence,

It is that inner feeling of peace,
That rides one to dazzling heights,
To bath in own spotlight,
Being able to stand tall and proud,
Like the trees that embody all freedom


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