Tell me,

Trust me…

I can see the sadness

The hurt in your eyes


Floating in an abyss of emotions,

She quivered with a thousand “whys’

Why not tell the truth?

Why not share her secret?


The need to speak was killing her,

To unburden all the weight,

That she husbanded,

Yet doubts swarmed through her


She had already formed the right words,

All the words that she needed,

Were already in her tongue,

But she couldn’t answer him



Silence exploded between them,

It was as if she could touch it,

She felt the temptation to speak



She called out sour memories,

Needed to remind herself,

The mistake of trusting


He pulled her close in hush,

Her heart willingly answered,

But it was protesting all at once,

Her resolve began weakening…









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