Quote of the Day



Soul Food


You have to learn tolerance in the face of dualities such as cold and warm, or happiness and distress. Tolerance will free you from all anxieties regarding loss or gain.

I Am


I am a brightly colored petal that sings in the wind,
My appetite appeals to guide my precious virtues,
While my soul seeks to demystify the many layers of mysteries,
To tranquil the raging storms which form sad fearful faces…

I like slowing every moment with a light kiss,
Even those instances that try to fail my efforts,
For they carry great, silent and gentle humbleness,
That is only open for the windows of my soul…

As the moon shines a silvered pale light,
I bath in a pool of sophisticated strong air,
That is unspeakable than the fear in me,
Of a black script that swirls before my eyes

Like an electric current, my heated blood pulse,
From the hunger of seeking and exploring,
All the innocence and splendor that lies ahead,
And to see the many faces that beauty presents

As the invincible dawn brings in new strengths and possibilities,
I will slow down my heart to the pace of a pendulum,
To feel the golden-orange rays run through my skin,
And to remind me that I am alive and living!




Sometimes I like stopping time and holding it like a camera,
To take in the sensation of truly being alive and living,
My entire body feeling warm and buoyant as if dreaming,
Like the unborn, I like bathing in bliss, safe, secure and protected

Sometimes I like to take in the slanting sunshine,
Unaware that time slowly snoozes away never to return,
Fully guided by knowledge that such is a silly mystery,
Shining a benign smile to the world in that disillusioned moment

Sometimes I like quivering like a petal in the breeze,
In a beautiful but disturbing moment of ignorance,
To feel the relieve of floating in a pool of nothingness,
And claim back the solitary nature of my childhood innocence

Sometimes I feel free and wild like a brightly colored bird,
My softness moving swiftly through my wings and feet,
To fly through all artfully arranged petals, trees and the sky,
Burning with the desire to detect all that is serene and mesmerizing

Sometimes I am forced to fight away tears springing in me,
In a harsh world that has killed too many comforting words,
Slowly inhabiting the air and silence that shatters me,
As I turn myself into a radiant angel to my own rescue,
For that is my perpetual dream that is too devoutly to be wished


Please Kiss Me


I want to drift into that far away place with that kiss
a place that is never guided by self-blinded rules
where I will splendidly sing my heart’s real meaning
please kiss me; I am dying of wanting and needing.

I have no words for what I feel when I dream of you
yet I will end up calling it force, beauty and sublimity
because it forces me lose my sensibility and emotions
kiss me and calm the raging storm that pervades my heart.

The voice of my heart cannot stop calling you
and my relentless dreams cannot help but wish
to feel the things that I had never felt before
i need you to make my time stand still by kissing me.

That kiss will bring me new eyes to see the marvel
of exploring and discovering secrets and powers of a moment
a moment that will turn me into a small, helpless fly
too weak but willing to be trapped in a blissful moment.

In a moment we can both achieve all things worth dreaming
we can both be two helpless human souls searching and exploring
because it is the perfect making and creation of humanity
you are a bright butterfly and you make all petals glow
Please just kiss me and maybe I will speak of my eternal love…


Why Not?


Why not me?
I am a willing human being,
I am all feeble and helplessly bound both hands and feet,
Optimistically counting on that faintly glowing sign in the dark

I deserve to be rewarded for all my blinding aspirations,
Those dreams that I had seen clearly in my mind’s eye but not grasped,
Those that have given me sleeplessness and quivering pain,
Those that burn relentlessly with black, suspicious knowledge

I see that who baths in the golden moments under the sun,
One who is in absolute and perfect happiness,
The sun generous and promising in the cloudless sky,
Why shouldn’t it be me?

But why not take pleasure in this moment and the next?
Because moments harmonize and illuminate each other,
Each radiating vitality and demanding alertness,
This is what defines the arbitrary nature of this life,
This moment carries an air of binding trust,
Why not trust it?


Flowers of the Rainbow


Was it the color, the sight or the smell?
She was struck by a fine wavering feeling,
Of the flowers of the rainbow that could be imagined or real,
But they had an invincible chord that played her rhythm of life

She was overwhelmed; it was as if she had found her own world at last!
Now, she was in her solitary nature where she could be free,
The flowers of the rainbow carried something silently powerful,
It was the ultimate freedom, tenderness and protection

She was in a dream, where all her elements went loose,
They were unrestricted, unbidden and in their true nature,
She was now dancing to her own tune that sounded true,
There was easy intimacy in the air that she breathed

The flowers of the rainbow had hands beyond tenderness,
She was in a timeless bliss in that moment of sweetness,
They were an ocean that she was too willing to drown herself,
She was now weak, helpless and imperfect human and it felt so right,


I’m a Mess



I’m a mess, weak and at times foolish,

My dreams seems scattered extravagantly as debris on my path,

The sounds of my reckless imagination ply the air around me,

They lay at the centre of my dogma of philosophy


Every motion of my life has meaning that deeply matters,

They bear silly patterns that make my life an existential lark,

Sometimes I fear that I would be at an impasse,

Probably because there is something unseen waiting


I’m a mess because I bond so tightly with my gut,

I like the idea that there is safety in the tickling of the clock,

Keeping the door wide open for fate to bring forth its twists and turns,

Because I know for sure that in the end, its all picturesque


I’m foolish because I find too much meaning in illusions,

My born stupidity lubricates my silent gales of giggles,

They carry an extra-ordinary quality to many unforgettable moments,

For sometimes nothing matters than a moment of self and thrill


My weaknesses are the open floodgates of my irrepressible charm,

I am a bended arrow hitting all the wrong but right places,

I am navigated by my reckless instincts, sounds and smells,

For I have half formed idea that they bring timelessness in the rhythm of life