Dear Mum


You are the epitome of all vows kept intact,

The recognition of all lost promise and soft touch,

Any faintest glow from you is all comforting refuge,

From your sweet face that is sweetened by all love of the sun


Dear mama, you are the winking light that moves across the frozen stars,

You are an irrepressible delight full of refinement in all that makes human,

Enthusiasm lifts my feathery heart whenever I see your flawless beauty,

That forces me to submit to your attention with renewed palpable pleasure


In the storms of this world, you always find a way forward,

With an ineffable quality that no any word can describe,

Bringing with it golden glory of the true nature of mind,

You make this real uncanny world become achingly beautiful


Dear mum, you inspire in me a curious but hopeful feeling,

That I have the power to overcome all chaos spawn by nature,

You possess a rare kind of patience to all things,

Including all the many bad choices I make,

You are my refuge; you will always be my wings mama






Kamunde Family Portrait

Dad..wary and guarded like the rock
So seamless and infallible,
Rests the theme of joyousness, of the triumph,
Of the timeless love, of the calm assurance,
Ordinarily graceful out of pure caution

Mum the sound of peacefulness and comfort…
While the world is so inept at showing love,
She holds the sea of love to offer
If only someone could stretch out and take it,
The pinch of love would be a fleeting, battling fantasy

Eric with the knot of opinion,
Everything sort of folds over itself and is knotted up,
He cuts through all to and fro,
With the possession of no compromise and nor modification
The world only frets and paces

Allen..the bristlier of enough advice
For the bewildered, powerless and confined,
Offers the pleasant, fleeting notion,
That we are not in the hands of fate after all,
Stores a feeling of strength, freedom and definite,

Aston the one from the home of the sun,
Who with a twist of the wrist,
Ups and splits at first little setback,
There lies a theme in every decision,
But he flubs up everything where entry is possible

William ever free and open,
Has a knack for accepting and adapting,
But with a stern purposeful expression,
He cuts through hurt feelings and misunderstandings,
As if the actual weight rests on his head

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