Enigma in the Woods


I was compelled to flitter around the fresh optimistic stones,

That appeared suspicious yet safeguarded as if braced,

Of the possibility of excursion which is utterly despairing,

Appeared forgotten by everyone and noticed by no one but me


As I set quietly through the lovely dark winding woods,

That seemed to brew a sense of poignant yet inexplicable mystery,

Nothing seemed to penetrate through my tired mind,

As I let the dark woods embrace me from the world that is ungainly at showing love


My mind was filled with incomprehensible images with a flickering sequence,

Those images that instantly seemed to provoke tears for no reason,

It felt like a moment that my enigma seemed to take charge,

I was alone in the woods; there was neither reason nor rhyme not to let it


The woods had a flattering pinch of love that was consuming,

This that strangely made my lithe spirit more free and open,

I felt part of the steam of time amongst everything that surrounded me,

Breathing the purest, undiluted air of self-possession….






Sweet Reflections


Thin blades of sunshine cut through layers of mists,

Bringing a strange sort of glow with traces of sympathy,

As I sat engrossed in my orgy of palatable solitude,

Where urgent, varied thoughts seemed to whirl my brain


This was a penultimate moment of groping through my gone days,

As I let my thoughts drag me in this unmapped journey,

All those thoughts made me remember the delights and pains of life,

Every one of them that made me who I am NOW


Time seemed to stand still for my sweet reflections,

As I discovered familiar pattern in my days,

That mysteriously piloted me in the same inexorable direction,

Of the fact that life offers no favors and no one should expect either


Nothing is permanent, as most are coincidental, obscure or transient,

That unexpected always happen in the wake of time,

As I watched a healthy branch sprouting from a sickly dying tree,

I tried to conjure up my mind’s eye process of this unfamiliar sight,

The images were crystal clear and well lit with understanding








Fading Horizon..


Is it true that hope springs eternally while despair sits comfortably?

Glowing anticipation can turn out to be just an illusion?

And that sometimes stepping stones can turn to be tombstones?

This makes my heart sink while my confidence is slowly swallowed by self pity


The single strand of yellow rose claimed survival wearingly,

Sprayed by the shafts of bright yellowed threads of sunshine,

But its delicious scent had faded to the smell of a last meal,

It stood there as if tired of standing in that garden in all eternity


My face seemed too hollow and gray at the heartbreaking sight,

Of the blurring borderline of the hills and the many green trees,

As I searched frantically for the golden horizon to color my soul,

Because my faith was dejecting and lop siding slowly away from me


I felt insufficient and restlessness was lurking vigorously in me,

Cutting my heart with its sharp claw like mysteries,

I felt the weight of the perversity and coldness of this world,

As I tried to save my dying hopes through the dazzling haze,

All my senses were shrinking and merging at the centre of my heart




Timeless Inertia


I thought it was the first and last day,

In that cold evening whose silence was screaming

A thin mist of air hung over all around the air around me,

The only sign of life was the bird that swooped over the darkening sky


It felt like a sudden realization of the world’s real dimensions,

As I stood there for a moment to feel the moment of vertigo,

A delicate smell of beautifully arranged black roses crept up to me,

The scent so sweet wafted tentatively and slowly to my hungry nostrils


This felt like a brief moment with no space and only stretched time,

I wanted to feel and taste all my burdens and the pain that heaved in me,

I also wanted to feel every taste of freedom as every pain faded away,

My feelings and my life felt like was in a state of timeless inertia


I faintly was among those who colored innocence and time,

To the face of the cold world that is gray and empty,

I could see the sky turning darker above the proud oak trees,

I wanted to feel this way every day in my mind’s eye,

A vision that was carried faithfully to me by the warm breezes…


Dear Mama


You are the model of all vows kept intact

the recognition of all lost promise and soft touch

any faintest glow from you is all comforting refuge

from your sweet face that is sweetened by all love of the sun.


Dear mama, you are the winking light that moves across the frozen stars,

you are an irrepressible delight full of refinement in all that makes human,

enthusiasm lifts my feathery heart whenever I see your flawless beauty,

that forces me to submit to your attention with renewed palpable pleasure.


In the storms of this world, you always find a way forward,

with an ineffable quality that no any word can describe,

bringing with it golden glory of the true nature of mind,

you make this real uncanny world become achingly beautiful.


Dear mum, you inspire in me a curious but hopeful feeling

that I have the power to overcome all chaos spawn by nature

you possess a rare kind of patience to all things,

including all the many bad choices I make,

you are my refuge; you will always be my wings mama.





This Night


A little moment in eternity is all you need,

To feel immortal, as if safe at any speed,

To embrace the broken bones beneath your skin,

And feel the subtly of the surreal night


The night carries an inspiration that can seize you,

An incandescent, insistence persistence that almost overwhelms,

With a presence that fills the soul with a quiet excitement,

The moon, the stars blaze with new and secret meaning


Small molecules of air labor with a state of enchantment,

In them hidden truth that has the power to break all the chains,

Of the outer world that is cruel, grey and empty,

That tethers the soul with a perpetual black despair


White cloaks of clouds flings across the sky,

Dimpled and pinched features of curiosity,

Of a day folding slowly into night,

That makes the heart tease a true shine





Authentic You

In the end…… its all about “YOU”

Aston kamunde


Every existence has an infallible purpose,
Its bigger than any shadows that you have ever seen,
Neither the storms nor the chaos of this world,
Are be able to conceal that very purpose

It has the consuming passion of a mantis,
That when burning with a fiery and deathly desire,
It kills and takes the life of its mate,
To squeeze all her libido dry and free herself

It is the desperate singing of a child from within,
Those haunting melodies that sounds almost suffocating,
Conveyed by a strong sense of longing to just be,
Though tender and clear in its mysterious strangeness

As the sun fires intricacies of a fretwork of clouds,
The majesty of the light brings in the consuming truth,
Of a warm intoxicate opium of self-realization,
To a life that is more interesting than that of pretensions,
Or as flat as that of an actor in…

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