moon art

The night is half full but expectant with promises,
Shadows seem to ebb and flow,
As the sky is covered by the intricate wheelwork of the stars,
The night quiet like an abandoned church

The moonwalkers lay in hush under the spell,
The moon covering them with silvered winkling light,
Their hungry presence poised against each other,
The still air hanging deep with expectations

Their hot blood flow with blind passion,
As they seek to explore and discover each other’s bodies,
The anticipation of sex consumes them more than the experience itself,
As the unfastening of every button seemed like a promise unveiled

They ride in the crests of self blinded passion,
Unaware of their very own mortality,
As they desperately search to burn away their own desires,
Their naked bodies turning, weaving and shimmering in the night

The pale moment in the night seemed like a revelation fulfilled,
As they open door after door that they never existed,
Visiting places of themselves they never knew was present,
As they lay in the deep frozen dead sky of the night,
Filled with carnal satisfaction with irresistible delight


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