I cannot believe that you are absent yet again,
I wish I could employ a little magic,
To bring you back to life,
Just for a minute to experience your presence



Thoughts are dragging me in their wake,
They are urgent, varied and exhaust my senses,
This is an orgy kind of solitude never felt before,
As I crave to see you annoy me just once again

We shared all the delights and pains of life,
These memories glow but they also hurt with odd sharpness,
I felt the hand of death when I saw you breathe your last,
I still wish that I could do something, anything for you

I still reel with tears when images of your weak body prop up,
Struggling in vain to suck your last energy while in my arms,
The images are still crystal clear and well-lit in my mind’s eye,
They force me through the horrors of death throes

Your parting has made me become who I am,
I do not know who I am anymore,
I have become a maze of shambles
I am full of grief beyond comprehension

Time after time, I call upon your name from memories,
Cody, Cody…. reality always storms my heart,
Silence, silence that I never knew existed,
I had seen it better never taken it in

I have resigned my hopes to the inevitable ‘other side’,
I can’t stop wondering if you are happy in that other side,
The strands of sweetened morning sunshine remind me of you,
You were my sunshine and still are…
For as a kitty I made you a home in my heart to stay forever,








8 thoughts on “Cody…..Shining from ‘The Other Side”

    1. It has taken me so much courage to pen what i feel or at least confirm with words that is indeed real. However, I felt better afterwards with a sense of triumph. Thank you so much Cadencerage for visiting and also for leaving such a heartwarming comment!

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  1. True, writing is a form of catharsis, and you certainly have a gift here. I’m so very sorry for your loss. When my Lara left us at only four years old, the silence was the worst reminder.
    Cody is now over the rainbow bridge and lives on forever in your heart ❤ you will see your little one again.

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    1. Sweet, soft and emotional release that is carried with a rich promise. Sorry to hear about Lara but I guess today, they shine from up above; a reflection of the deepest feelings in hearts. Oh! Thanks for the compliment! Can’t wait to rummage through your blog as well!

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  2. They do, indeed. I like to think they are watching over us, rolling their eyes at our silly race and waiting for us to play with them once again. Thank you for sharing this small memory of Cody, it was beautiful to read. And yes, please feel free to stop by my blog any time 🙂 I frequently use it as a form of public self-deprecation, because why not.

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    1. I could never thank you enough for sharing Cody’s memory with me. She (named when she was just a few days old, couldn’t tell whether she was female or male, but ended up with a male name lol ). It was wonderful having you around. Will visit soon!

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  3. Anyone who has loved a pet and lost can relate to this one, AK. Their passing leaves a big hole in the heart. I love this line: “I have become a maze of shambles,” which is exactly how I felt when I had to put my Lab down–lost and mixed up. There is a poem on my site about it called Pink, at https://justjoan42.wordpress.com/2016/01/17/earnest-and-true-to-the-end/. Blessings to you, Aston, I’m sure Cody is happy on the other side, waiting for you. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for sharing with me Joan. Its really a difficult process but your warm words have already warmed-up my cold heart. I shall follow on your link to share my sentiments as well. Hey! Can’t fail to say am elated to hear from you!

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