moon good

My fate fully depends on my demeanor,
These seem like battering words clouded by sarcasm,
Those that occupy my mind with intense reverie,
As I expect heaven on this side of hell

The meaning seem to distort my visage,
Because my philosophy denies such authority over me,
These are all trapped in my dry mouth with my swollen throat,
Virtue and vice desert my lost and selfish heart

Amidst the still air I seek to create a wind of my own,
Seized by the inspiration from the lonely relentless proud oak tree,
That makes my enchanting possessed writing hands,
To weave deep, dark and lovely words of meaning

Slowly my promised golden glory dapples with moonlight,
Freshened by breeze as soft as a caress,
That makes my soul to submit to the palatable pleasure,
A quiet and strange amazement has taken me to a state of trance,
To a realization that my mind never raises any barriers of self doubt!


9 thoughts on “Luminous Fate

  1. This piece reminds me of the day in poetry class that my stuck “word faucet” finally turned on. These are the last few lines of the poem:

    The day it finally broke free was a complete surprise
    A thunderous, joyous, terrifying, vulnerable torrent of words and feelings
    Splashing all over the place

    I can’t shut it off
    And I really don’t want to

    The writer inside of me is finally free

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    1. Its an ineffable quality that we the writers ca only feel! We can never describe the feeling! We are absolutely blessed and thanks so much for passing by! Best Regards!


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