I want to drift into that far away place with that kiss,
A place that is never guided by self-blinded rules,
Where I will splendidly sing my heart’s real meaning,
Please kiss me; I am dying of wanting and needing

I have no words for what I feel when I dream of you,
Yet I will end up calling it force, beauty and sublimity,
Because it forces me lose my sensibility and emotions,
Kiss me and calm the raging storm that pervades my heart

The voice of my heart cannot stop calling you,
And my relentless dreams cannot help but wish,
To feel the things that I had never felt before,
I need you to make my time stand still by kissing me

That kiss will bring me new eyes to see the marvel,
Of exploring and discovering secrets and powers of a moment,
A moment that will turn me into a small, helpless fly,
Too weak but willing to be trapped in a blissful moment

In a moment we can both achieve all things worth dreaming,
We can both be two helpless human souls searching and exploring,
Because it is the perfect making and creation of humanity,
You are a bright butterfly and you make all petals glow,
Please just kiss me and maybe I will speak of my eternal love



13 thoughts on “Please Kiss Me

  1. What a sensational and sensuous poem. Beautiful poem Kamunde. And – you used one of my favourite words – “moment” – sometimes so fleeting, fluid and delicious. Btw, just browsing, my blog is still closed but I will receive your responses. Hope you are keeping well my friend 😀

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    1. I am so happy to hear from you! I know the tagline to your blog…Seize the Moment. And i absolutely love it coz you said it rightly…it is fluid and fleeting. I am trying to be romantic..In really hope it is working. Haha! And am doing good, actually great, hearing from you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “Sensational and sensuous” Such a powerful yet humbling comment from you Chevvy. Thank you so much for those encouraging words! A great weekend to you too, and please surprise us with such a beautiful presence again!

        Liked by 1 person

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