A new day opens my hands to light after dark…
The crick crack of waking trees brings new anticipations,
To my heart stunned by the face of time, of yesterday and the past,
As my anxious agile mind slips to the new possibilities of this new day

Swirling masses of rainbow colored birds interlace the morning sun,
Singing and chirping frantically, gestures of every morning, a new day,
To my amazed eyes, it is a certain innocence peppered with wonder,
That takes me into a light but deep dreamlike bliss in this striking morning

The orange-yellowed distillery of the sky radiates something marvelous,
In all its horrors, the world appears acutely beautiful and breathtaking,
I am honey, pouring myself into the yellow and warm shafts of rays,
I am absorbed completely and totally to welcome this new day

Like a free young child, I take all the raw intensity of this morning,
Letting the light of creation to swim and shine through my body,
My visible delicate veins bring a tenderness that surprise me,
For I know that each morning makes me fresh and holy again!


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