Last year, a day like today, I decided to explore the passion that had thrived in me since I was young. I was ecstatic to have a platform where I could share my passion of writing poetry with the world. It seemed as an adventure of some sort at the time. I did not know that my life was close to the beginning of glorious opportunities that came with that very decision.

Poetry to me is my silent way of voicing those words that that are past tenderness and have an immense humbling power. A pen and a paper have a way of healing the brokenness that normally defines human defect. Poetry gives me a delight and satisfaction that makes me feel alive, loved and relevant. Poetry is the best gift that life has presented to my life and I bath in the spotlight of my blog every day of my life! I did not know that I would meet amazing people who are a great community, with whom we share and explore the celebrated possibilities that life presents!

This blog has made me discover things that I never knew existed about myself and still, is a continuous process. It is exhilarating to learn that there are hidden powers in my wild and untamed imagination usually penned down by my talented hands. For instance, after writing a poem titled ‘I Am Ready’ (After responding to a request made by one of my blog’s avid reader), I decided to explore short stories. And wow! What a decision! I have written about 7 short stories all of which have been published by local credited media house. (To view, you may visit>>>my short stories )

I want to thank my readers and fellow blogging friends for the support and love that they show every day. I would not have made it without any of you and I say a big THANK YOU! I cannot wait to see what poetry has in store for me as each day comes with new gifts to see, explore and enjoy! I hope that more people embrace poetry as it is art, which best defines hidden meanings in the mysteries of this world. For me, I remain guided by an eagle’s spirit; unrestricted, untamed and ready to navigate the unknown to get that which delights me!


23 thoughts on “My first Blogging Anniversary!

  1. Congrats, Aston! A year of blogging is a fabulous accomplishment, whether you have ten readers or ten thousand! Always a pleasure to read your work. My one-year is coming up at the end of September. I promised myself I would post every week and it has been a challenge 🙂

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  2. Congratulations Kamunde and it was lovely to read about your experience of the wonderful medium of poetry. I’m just easing back in after my break and look forward to reading your short stories😀

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  3. Congratulations!!! So happy for you! That sounds like an amazing year and I can´t wait to see what else your mind, hand and pen come up with!
    May you stay unrestricted, untamed and ready to navigate the unknown!
    All the best for this coming year! XO Little Sunshine

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    1. Thank you so much! I hope this coming year brings with it beautiful gift to awe my moments! I started this journey with you, inspiring me to write more and I am thankful for that Little Sunshine! All the best to you too!

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      1. I have no doubt about that.
        Oh well, you wrote so much yourself, there was no real inspiring needed. All I did was push you a little. You accomplished everything on your own. You can be really proud of yourself. XO

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