happy birthday

Another birthday gives me an innate sense of wholesomeness,
Every delicate sense, alert to the texture of air around me,
All impelled by animal suspicion to remain alert,
Like rose petals responding to the cold but soft breeze,
Alert to guard all that defines virtues of my own world

A new birthday makes me attuned to something silent and invincible,
Of the many faces that beauty possess than the grains of sands in beaches,
All the beauty that is carried by innocence, gentleness and the unrestricted nature,
The beauty that brings peaceful rhythms to my daily life with less struggle

A new birthday yet is not defined by the many years that I live,
But the sun, the moon, the stars, the rain and the storm in my years,
The periphery of my visions or figures that both fly or fall,
All that causes the centum of my soul to feel my living

My birthday forces me to expel the breath of resignation to the power of fate,
And to share in the delight and joy of my pure innocence,
Because that is my beauty and it is my hard honesty,
I am willing to pay the price that comes with giving or accepting love,
I want a long life of privileges, of promising joy and of hope that will sustain me,
Dear God! You know that is my perfect, earnest desire!


17 thoughts on “Its My Birthday!

  1. Hello my friend – Happy Birthday and hope you will have an awesome day – you are sharing it with the greatest and therein is your greatest gift. Blessings also for the rest of the year. Come and visit my bog sometimes: Based on the nature of the poetry you write, I hope you’ll enjoy this song I’ve posted here for you. Best. Chevvy

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