moon good

I slept but fitfully because my nerves won’t relax,
I walked to my bedroom window and was met by birds chirping frenetically,
White as snow, the moon had risen to its zenith,
And the balmy air smelled sweetness of yellow jasmine petals,
But it didn’t possess a modicum of grace or nobility

In my groggy-drained state I idled futilely in my window,
I could kiss anyone who would chase this night away and bring another night,
Why was I feeling this way? Why did I feel this insistent presence?
A powerful presence seemed to be taking over the air around me,
I could smell the glint of pleasure and cruelty from the darkened presence

I tried to shake off the weird fear that was creeping all over me,
Maybe it was just sheer and plain panic that caused my fears,
But that thought was plagued by doubts that seemed to come from deep within,
Because that feeling was more unspeakable than the fear that glossed me,
I had a moment of intense rage against that invincible yet powerful presence

My heart seemed to throb so loudly inside my head,
And I was now struggling to catch my breath that came with acrid-smelling sweat,
It was as if that powerful presence had sucked oxygen from the air around me,
My head swirled with brutal light from my night stand,
Damn! I had been dreaming again! But this time so vivid as if it was real!


14 thoughts on “Cold Cold Night

      1. I am both frustrated and intrigued by dreams. Sometimes your head fills with nonsense that disrupts your sleep but then there are those dreams which are spiritual, meant to convey messages to or through you. Those you will remember very vividly, they’re called epic dreams and when I’ve had those, they’ve been life changing. The nonsense ones are probably linked to stress or unfinished business:-)

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      2. Well…you call them “nonsense” probably because they portray some crazy..unreal..unyou images. lol. However, you are right, dreams do communicate to us…i make a point of remembering what i dream. Ever had those dejavu situations? Like you are reliving a moment?

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      3. Yes, by nonsense I mean those crazy dreams that seem meaningless. And yes, I have had the de ja vu experience. A couple of years ago I dreamt of a church only to find that exact same church in Paris. A church dedicated to the patron saint of Paris. On the same trip I met someone special who I refer to as my soul sister who has played a very important role in my life ever since. But it is not everyone that can understand such magical relationships and experiences.

        So I definitely take my dreams seriously. Sometimes when I read your poems, it’s as if they are fueled by intuition. Sometimes these gifts run in our family lines. In short, I definitely believe in the power of dreams and their symbolism. You are also right to try to remember and write as much as you can about all your sensual reactions/experience in the dream 🙂

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      4. WOW! Am so glad i touched somewhere special in your heart Chevvy! You are the first person to really confirm that i am in fact sane! Lol. I’ve had so many of those dreams…puzzling but i feel lucky. I try to embrace them as they come…Am sure God did not intend for anyone to get hurt. In fact i truly believe that everyone is good..only that we are corrupted by the many things we see, go through and are told. That’s what i try to paint in my poetry. Again i feel lucky to be at tune with an inspiring person as you! Much regards!

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      5. I’m no scientist on the matter but I run on 6th sense myself. The thing is it can stir fear in others and one must use any gift for the “good” It’s like religion – believing and having faith in the intangible. Any wisdom I have comes from meeting many people and having a curious and open mind 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your day/evening and sweet dreams:-)

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