This Moment

Aston kamunde


Gnarls of brushing tall grasses and corpses of oak trees,
Reduced her anger but not so much,
Because she had a faintest glow of enthusiasm,
That made her to yearn for respect to her born dignity

The heightened and generous perspective,
Of the mysteries of the cold cold world,
Made her notice the key moment of her life,
The melodies of flowers flowing smoothly like music from an old recording

The pall of sorrows now seemed to weigh less on her shoulders,
For the voice of the heart is wise like a sailor of a thousand journeys,
That gave her an inexplicable exhilarating feeling,
That was just a sensation of floaty clouds

The cold winds were filled with briefs of thirst,
That inspired a smile on her sweetened face,
Unable to stifle her curiosity any longer,
She had a moment of tempest and of peace,
Alert to the stories carried…

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