Aston kamunde


It is



Liquid splendor

Darkness ebb and flow

When she woke up today

She saw threads of sunshine

Slithering through bare-branches

Swore the sun was winking at her

But she knew it carried no promise

At least not for her

She was forgotten

And broken

The sun never gave her warmth

Instead it carried

Icy sly pry and whispers

Blamed it for her inner scars

The hating eyes

Carried sharp blades

Cutting right through her soul


Rendered her dull and useless

Nighttime called her dreams.

They were more alive

More vivid…

It colored the dawn

Loved soaking in the ocean

It softened her skin

Her heart felt



She waited impatiently

Darkness to settle in

Noises to dwindle

To draw her in

And out

She never had to feel small,

Nighttime was gentle




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