The silence of the stars was too much that it daunted her. She couldn’t stop waiting for that wishing star. She needed it especially during that night that seemed long as she tried to close her eyes but couldn’t. Sleep deprivation was melting the edges off her entire concentration as she fitfully searched for the fainted glow of any wishing star. The anticipation for the following day was proving to be more thrilling than she could ever contain.

Linda was a twenty four year old girl whose ambition was brighter than the moon and the stars. She had worked so hard and she knew that in life, she deserved the best. In fact, she had passed so well with good grades that had secured her a partial scholarship to study in the United States. She had pursued international law and wanted to become a successful lawyer not only in Kenya, but in the rest of Africa. That dream offered her an inexplicable exhalation that always overwhelmed and lifted her heart.

Tomorrow she was going to be interviewed for her dream job and her heart could not stop pounding. She could not dismiss the uncanny feelings of the possibility of broken dreams. She was a straight arrow who always stuck to that one plan. She didn’t know what would happen if she was denied a chance to realize those dreams that churned inside her. Unable to stifle her expectations any longer, she lay on her bed and waited to welcome the break of dawn.

As she dressed that morning, the act itself seemed like unveiling of a promised future. Quiet excitement filled her heart as the vision of her promising future was the only thing that mattered during that moment. Enthusiasm lifted her heart as she walked for that interview. Finally, the moment had come and her perfect self-absorption calmed her throbbing nerves. She was going to pass. She repeated those words over and over because they carried self assurance and comfort that she desperately needed.

Linda could not believe what had just happened as she walked out of the interview room with blank and expressionless eyes. “We are sorry Linda, but you are not qualified for this job.” Those words shattered and pierced her body with unbearable pain that could kill her. The sun was bright that morning but she couldn’t possibly feel its warmth. She didn’t need it. The horror that she felt was sharp enough to cut the sky into two. The vibrations from the punishing world had crushed all her hopes. The hoards of hell that rested in her eyes distorted her visage. What was she going to do now? That question seemed to lack slighted lying words of comfort.



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