He was always unnoticed, unloved and abandoned,
His orgy of solitude had become his constant companion,
He was invincible in a stretch of time with no ultimate space,
It was his inevitable curse that had been rained on him

But he longed and wished for that first kiss that could mean anything,
He didn’t care if he was going to equate it to rejected love,
He knew that was a cruel phrase that made him unwanted,
He wanted to feel like everyone else, a helpless human

Glowing anticipation severed his lips and made them thinner,
That first kiss, is all he needed, wanted,
The vision of that moment always answered faithfully to his calls,
The wanderlust of the first kiss takes away the long tunnel of loneliness

The sounds of the first kiss sparked dazzling light in darkness,
He knew the first kiss slowed everything instantaneously,
It navigates the heart to lands that are unknown but beautiful,
The first kiss forces one to that one moment of timeless bliss

It had vast answers to the many questions as wide as the world,
This was his one wish, his moon that swirled his whole life,
He wished he could hit upon a tune of point of contact,
To feel the eternal freedom of the first kiss in every step




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