Authentic You


Every existence has an infallible purpose,
Its bigger than any shadows that you have ever seen,
Neither the storms nor the chaos of this world,
Are be able to conceal that very purpose

It has the consuming passion of a mantis,
That when burning with a fiery and deathly desire,
It kills and takes the life of its mate,
To squeeze all her libido dry and free herself

It is the desperate singing of a child from within,
Those haunting melodies that sounds almost suffocating,
Conveyed by a strong sense of longing to just be,
Though tender and clear in its mysterious strangeness

As the sun fires intricacies of a fretwork of clouds,
The majesty of the light brings in the consuming truth,
Of a warm intoxicate opium of self-realization,
To a life that is more interesting than that of pretensions,
Or as flat as that of an actor in the flat television set!


Walking Away




As you start to walk out on the way,
The way appears intensely real,
You can feel the smell, the texture and the color
The word that describes such quality eludes your mind

The sky seems to be in deep mourning,
The clouds hanging loosely like old clothes,
The shadows beneath moves away the sun’s glare,
You can hear the whispers of the trees standing solemnly on the roadway

Exhaustion seems to whit your imagination,
For you cannot dismiss the uncanny feeling,
That a winged deathly presence will descend on you,
But your stiletto invites the self-air of a cat

Ahead the horizon remains a mystery, terrifying,
As you walk without any sound of your footfall,
But you cannot shake away the hard biting looks all around,
Worst still the sky remained flat, dead and frozen

But your heart beats different strange sounds,
As if you are on a path, a brink of revelation,
And you know the voice of the heart is always faithful,
And all wisdom is born in the loyal heart,
And your past, your today is not a chain but a glorious experience!