All of Me


The sky looked too heavy and swirled my mind,
The murky blue shackled by every pain that we shared,
I was a child pushing myself hard as if in a nightmare,
I had no desire to move forward, but I pushed my body

The last bit that made me human was struggling,
And my obligation towards its survival was as strong as love,
I frantically tried to stamp down all thoughts that scared me,
And all the forces of darkness deep down my throat

The rhythm of my heart had become soft and thin,
It was as if I was floating in a weightless dread,
I felt my eyes hollow as if pleading for a sign, any sign,
A dove, love from up and above the heavens

I cradled that possibility down, deep in my heart and mind,
Of cause recent events had flooded my entire life with shame,
Now I craved and raved to recede into a distant horizon,
Like a surging nausea, I wished to hide grief that welled in me,
The reality of how wrong things were was too demeaning and wrenching