The Promise


“You promise?”

Aged only six years,

A promise meant trust,

Strangers meant no harm


The night had descended,

Silence roamed the eerily air,

It was dark, blinding and unnatural,

Grass sounded brittle in the coldness


Sudden fear ensnared her vulnerability,

“I want my mommy!”

She screamed at him,

But he was holding her hand tightly


The tight grip hurt her,

“You want to play?”

“I will show you a game.”

She was pulled towards stretched shadows


A pale moon hung just above,

Sprinkled stars surrounding it,

The sky appeared velvet black,

As if foreseeing impending horror


Stormy emotions circled her,





Tears rolled down her cheeks,

She tried to free from his grip,

Power was with him,

She couldn’t


Nights like these transformed him,

Drove wild his animal instincts,

Hunting for naive fluid beauty,

Obeyed demanding sounds


Subdued in the stretching cold night,

Flames leaped within her body,

Sending sharp sparks of pain,

She couldn’t scream,

Not anymore











Broken Angel


Surrounded by the hidden obscenity of the sky,

She coiled there naked and frayed,

Fire above the sky was as in her heart,

Ancestor’s winds carried a promise of rain,

But no amount of rain would cool her burning skin


Exposed under the judging eyes,

She had lost all her sensibility, earthiness and humanness,

Her dignity had been ensnared and reduced into fine dust,

She felt it disappearing into the red, hot fierce winds,

She huddled her defenseless sickly body against a million-knot gusts


She couldn’t,

She was small and weak,

She was a trapped powerless fly,

She took in all rain’s violence out of the tempest,

Regretting the loss of birth and of freedom


Violent battering rain equaled the pounding of her chest,

She hated her skin, weight and the texture of her hair,

She hated the trees and all the flowers,

She hated the sun, the moon and the stars,


She hated some more,

Hated the rain,

Hated her life,

…and gods,

She could only hate…










Dangerously her heart was struggling, thumping,

She was a ghost moving slowly through her days,

All her senses had left her as if tired of her,

She was flooded and numbed by shame


The prospects of dying did not terrify her anymore,

In fact, the mare thought of it brought sweet relief,

It was raw, humiliating and the only wish at that moment,

It was a beautiful, creepy and wrenching daily dream


Naked, she glared up in that darkened sky to search for meaning,

But the lonely stars did not offer her any consolations,

They stood flat, dim and quiet like dead stones,

They only  reflected and intesified what she felt inside


Somehow all her wishes had rejected and humiliated her,

Her life had taken on a dull and ugly pattern,

And she idly searched for a new one in her life,

To finally connect with the forgotten feelings of living,

A process that was slow and almost impossible,

In her world, the whispers in the wind weakened and flattened her wings