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Miseries of Happiness

Aston kamunde

Collection of hundreds of Free Inspiring Quotes from all over the world. Collection of hundreds of Free Inspiring Quotes from all over the world.

Happiness is just but a suspicious fleeting feeling,

A seduction of false misconception of all things,

That frets with a simple touch of chaos,

A stabbing reality that brings a strange order

It is the neglected path that brings new eyes to how wrong things are,

A path that conveys a sense of loss and of desperate longing,

It is the path of recognition of vows not kept and of lost promises,

A path of defenselessness that suffocates under the sickly sweet despair

Happiness is the desperate longing of a different kind of life,

A life that is full of adoration colored by a utopian of all sorts,

A life that seeks to make meaning in a different and diversified ways,

A life that is met with cold cruel eyes as old as time itself

Love is tender…

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Aged Sorrow

Aston kamunde


The fitful breeze caressed my bruised body,
And a funnel of dead leaves spun across the street,
They in fact seemed earth bound just like me,
Deeply rooted in a black hole of chaos

The more I tried to understand, the more I got lost,
All good memory had been bleached pale by recent events,
I could not speak as my mouth had gone soft with self-pity,
My heart conveyed a sense of loss and of longing

They say wisdom is born in the deepest part of the heart,
But mine was filled with the ultimate hunger of a black widow,
Always in search for that penultimate moment to squeeze out all pain,
Sleep deprivation had melted the edge off my balance

This old spell had landed me in an unknown place,
My eyes seemed bewildered and exhausted as if I’d been walking a thousand journeys,
The hills rose to…

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Erring Elegance

Aston kamunde

Emily Carr's Painting of Trees

The blades of light was golden or pellucid,
They penetrated through the branches and leaves,
And fell on her skin that seemed lithe graceful,
She sat under that old oak tree feeling plain and simple

The defining word of every emotion she felt eluded her,
The details of her childhood cruelties horrified her,
She had big brown eyes that compelled attention and revenge,
She yearned and craved to cast away that old spell that weighed heavily on her

She desired self-abasement and humility,
But her innate dignity is what kept her hoping,
A quality that was natural to her like feathers to a bird,
It was the dead solid truth like the tree where she sat

The day looked wounded covered with a bloody glow,
She hoped for the saturated gold perched twilight,
When she will make loveless love to calm her emotions,
That was her very own dark small…

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I Am

Aston kamunde


I am a brightly colored petal that sings in the wind,
My appetite appeals to guide my precious virtues,
While my soul seeks to demystify the many layers of mysteries,
To tranquil the raging storms which form sad fearful faces…

I like slowing every moment with a light kiss,
Even those instances that try to fail my efforts,
For they carry great, silent and gentle humbleness,
That is only open for the windows of my soul…

As the moon shines a silvered pale light,
I bath in a pool of sophisticated strong air,
That is unspeakable than the fear in me,
Of a black script that swirls before my eyes

Like an electric current, my heated blood pulse,
From the hunger of seeking and exploring,
All the innocence and splendor that lies ahead,
And to see the many faces that beauty presents

As the invincible dawn brings in new strengths…

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Someone’s Watching


Helpless and hopeless I lose to my senses

I know I have the weakest flesh,

And I am unlucky enough to witness,

This is my chaos of existence


I keep blowing away every single ray of light,

Innocently I surrender my soul to the shadowy,

And wear it so comfortably like an old hat,

Even the town’s drunk seems contented with it


The land feels dry and hot in my feet,

As I desperately search for the scattered grass,

At least to assure myself that I will see that ray again,

Or even hope to get help from that who’s watching


My life is as fragile like a petal amidst dry lands,

I feel it receding like a boat on a shore,

It is getting away as in violence,

I only need that trifling mound of love


The world vibrates with piercing punishment,

Today is harder than the day before,

It is a strange sad mortality,

But the desire to live burns inside me,

It bursts like an over-flared balloon



Cody…..Shining from ‘The Other Side”

I cannot believe that you are absent yet again,
I wish I could employ a little magic,
To bring you back to life,
Just for a minute to experience your presence



Thoughts are dragging me in their wake,
They are urgent, varied and exhaust my senses,
This is an orgy kind of solitude never felt before,
As I crave to see you annoy me just once again

We shared all the delights and pains of life,
These memories glow but they also hurt with odd sharpness,
I felt the hand of death when I saw you breathe your last,
I still wish that I could do something, anything for you

I still reel with tears when images of your weak body prop up,
Struggling in vain to suck your last energy while in my arms,
The images are still crystal clear and well-lit in my mind’s eye,
They force me through the horrors of death throes

Your parting has made me become who I am,
I do not know who I am anymore,
I have become a maze of shambles
I am full of grief beyond comprehension

Time after time, I call upon your name from memories,
Cody, Cody…. reality always storms my heart,
Silence, silence that I never knew existed,
I had seen it better never taken it in

I have resigned my hopes to the inevitable ‘other side’,
I can’t stop wondering if you are happy in that other side,
The strands of sweetened morning sunshine remind me of you,
You were my sunshine and still are…
For as a kitty I made you a home in my heart to stay forever,