One Day

Written with love

Aston kamunde


One day life will take priority over history

when all things will raise their heads to witness

a new dawn free from pride customs and ethical standards

you will sing sweet melodies of organic language of true nature

Today, change is happening moment after moment

freeing from blind faith of words that chained you still

from a world full of lies and ignorant appeasement

that denies you the joy of embracing your promised you

One day, palls of sorrows will weigh less on your shoulders

you will fly, explore, weave and identify your revelations

and will realize your refinement lacking worst human faults

that colors self blinded contended experts unaware of their own mortality

One day, you will project your own reality and illusions

for how hurtful it can be, to fail to respect one’s born dignity?

In prayer it is better to have a heart without words

than have…

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Luminous Mystery

Aston kamunde


For some people, the past is an endless chain

of one dark opening to the next in another

their days pass freely with no history to record or set them free

and their tomorrow is a constant ringbolt of slavery to their yesterday.

I never wish to belong there since i have a blithe spirit

and although life seems to flash before my eyes

I choose to record this moment, beneath the pale-salted moonlight

with pure pleasure i rest my eyes frozen from bruised experiences.

The moon is slivering smoothly and tentatively through the trees and leaves

it is shining a luminous light outing on all the darkness around

it feels like a little moment in eternity that could never be replaced,

and my vision is growing from inside out as time stands still.

The sounds of my breath are slowing and thinning out in air

this moment is as…

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Sounds of the Silent Night

So dear to my heart, this Poem

Aston kamunde


The night was young and the full moon appeared like a snowy stone
it was also eerie, silent and still like an abandoned church
it seemed to evoke a strange chemical presence in my blood
vague anxiety was carried by the energy that buzzed in the air.

This night was gentle, the moon and the stars called me
i felt a lonely and powerful presence in the silent air
i was breathing it, taking it all in with an inexplicable wonder
i felt it invade my place of refuge and all my dark corners.

Shadowy images spun and spun like disks in my head
they were beautiful, grotesque and also inappropriate
my animal senses seemed to react as if the images were real
my body was a flower opening in the rain

Like a quiet tide, memories raised me higher and higher
of a black script that I had chosen over…

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Yesterday’s Sunset

Aston kamunde


Sunsets come soaked with different colors
amber, orange, red, gold and distilled purple
they are shimmering and spectacular against the blue sky
they always suggest and remind me about the beauty of living.

Yesterday, the rhythm of the soft breeze announced its arrival
it was more vivid through the naked branches of the lone tree
probably telling delicious secrets about life that i was unaware of
slowly, that intoxicating rhythm of life found its way to my soul.

The intricacies of the setting sun were reflected through the flower petals
the majesty of the light that shone through them centered my heart
teaching me how to cope with the storms in my life
that truth was bigger than all the mysterious shadows I’d ever seen

The sun’s low orange candle carried warmth that I could only imagine
it was strange and it carried a quality that I could never give…

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Your Eyes

Aston kamunde


I am afraid

To look into your eyes

Eloquent in my language

They steal away my thoughts

How do I know they are honest?

Do they carry deep dark secrets?

I fear for the words that they hold

But I crave to hear them speak

And taste the sea of mystery

To lose myself once more

Free my burdened heart

Open the doorway

Of my liberty




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One Twinkle


The sweetness

Of this moment

Is too distilled

Tempting me

To close

My eyes

And fly


To meet






One twinkle

Will force it

To go


The Rush


At that

Penultimate moment

I was caught up

In a rush


Like an animal

From the wild

Tumbling down

My walls

As the cold

Full moon


Their apprehension

Nobody is going

To save them tonight


Photo credit ~ Masha Demianova