A Beautiful Day


Today I wanted to write a sad poem

but it is a beautiful day

the earth is festively colored

rich shades of purple, blue, red and pink

stretch endlessly on the earth’s surface

enthralling my eyes and thoughts.


A puff of fresh air easily flows

through the intensely colored petals

dancing to a rhythm only known to them.


Is it because it is winter?

Does it breathe a new life to everything?

Including me?


Cheering strands of light

a mare reflection of sun’s rays

push my questioning glances aside

glowing faintly and I long for more.


This tranquil vision cannot be destructed

by mist drifting from invisible depths

getting thicker and thicker like ground fog

settling mall clouds of dust.



I’d forgotten how love feels

my soul had been hidden and long forgotten

but dead parts of me have been awakened

this beautiful day has illuminated every part of me. .


Prodigy of Chaos

Aston kamunde


Chaos is at the very center of this universe
I felt it diving with so much vengeance
as if coming to avenge vows not kept
and with it I have had so much experience
at the very core of chaos I found my strangeness.

My eyes are fixed on a distant nothing
eyes wide and alert like those of an owl
my gaze sharp as if with a sinister calculation
as I feel the thinnest sounds of misery fading
instinctively replaced by sweet desperate longings of my immortal soul.

The sounds of chaos carry all the haunting melodies
with eyes as cold with cruelty as time
chaos left the defenseless suffocating under the weight of despair
with the stabbing reality of how wrong things are
rendering hearts bitter with recognition for lost promises.

But midst these trees grim as mourners
and with the silvered stiletto of light softly calling

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Illicit Rendezvous

Aston kamunde


I longed for my illicit rendezvous
too wave goodbye to all the noises
all shrieking words without a heart
those that created hell in heaven.

Litany of lies was spread everywhere
because it was the accepted religion
which everyone risked offending
yet it alluded even the most faithful.

I crave and rave to push myself away
and seek the perfection of my own reality
for that is my knowledge of true self
and because of freedom…I have to let me be.

I need the present and life to take priority over history
searching and yearning for my illicit rendezvous
beneath this blackened grey sky
I will never gloss over pride customs
nor ethical standards.

For how hurtful can it be?
Accepting a life chained by blinding faith
one lived beneath hideous masks
feeling hurt moment after moment
distorted this visage can be horrifying!

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The African Green Gold

Real Free - Flowing Words

Mother nature takes no breather
Challenges are enforced daily Rain drops shimmer
Tasting and swallowing
old earth for new
if only it was true

The rain falls hard
On bare ground,
Intoxicating the air
with new smells

But will Mother Nature continue to allow
the birds to sing with a feathery flame?
Or for frogs to dance in their pool?
I tell you the beauty of rain is gone but will soon return

The land is consumed with grief
for the loss of the African green gold,
Even the morning sun
lays on its death bed

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If I was to Love


If I was to love

i’d love with all my faith

from my childhood innocence

to tears and grief that colors adulthood.


I’d speak of my lover’s name

in every passionate and delightful breath

and love even more in the afterlife.


I am single

but I listen with blushing ears

the sound of river’s sacred flame

flowing into many fountains and into the blue sea


How I weep!

Watching the mountains

giving endlessly

the low and deep kiss

to the blue and sometimes darkened sky.


The splendor of bright stars

murmur under the moonbeam

like a dream

keeping my virgin pride intact

for the sun shall preserve my youthful hue with gold.

The Portrait

Aston kamunde


Quietly it lay in its strangeness

appearing both living and dead

speaking a myriad of dialects

neither lovely nor repulsive.

The trees came out leafless

with a spidery arrangement

hint of fury was carefully hidden

by the surrounding still murky waters.

A supple breeze hovered around

it was hot and humid

carried neither odor nor perfume

it was bizarre but oddly exciting.

The fine gray sky carried a promise

also passed odd blinding longing

a sickly sweet anticipation

of discovering and exploring everything anew.



all seemed evermore missing

Or was it just self-fed illusion?

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A Sweet Smile

A sweet smile can be dishonored by another but never abased

Aston kamunde


A sweet smile possesses all the qualities of beauty and everything akin to it

with a rare kind of patience, it makes every footfall a caress

a sweet smile can make you afloat on a rising stormy sea

a sweet smile is the inner calm, deeper than science.

A sweet smile brings back golden glories to the true nature of mind

from the dark drowning memories that demand attention

a sweet smile is a small elegant pattern of singing roses

it is the delicate scent brightened powerfully from the air around.

A sweet smile has all words that enchant the heart with rareness

a sweet smile is all freedom; it is neither toothed nor horned

it stops your heart and time to feel the things you never knew existed

It is not guided by rules and inspires a sense of confidence and self-possession.

A sweet smile is as natural as…

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Test of Trouble

Aston kamunde


Time stopped his heart to feel what he had missed

at 20 years, his handsome features were his prized possessions

such was that beauty that made heads turn as if witnessing a new dawn

he was reckless, never knew how and when to hesitate or run away from danger.

At 30, dusk was descending on the edge the impatient time

he had to discover new powers and new secrets that would shield him

had to make his scars and wounds invisible along with protecting his sanity

he sought all strength to survive in this world where many die of thirst unfulfilled.

At 40 he never stopped to listen to all the sounds and rhythms of the heart

had been careful to remain faithful and project his own reality

the dollar brought flowers and he enjoyed the delicious power of masculinity

and he understood the unrefined language of his heart’s meaning.

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One Day

Written with love

Aston kamunde


One day life will take priority over history

when all things will raise their heads to witness

a new dawn free from pride customs and ethical standards

you will sing sweet melodies of organic language of true nature

Today, change is happening moment after moment

freeing from blind faith of words that chained you still

from a world full of lies and ignorant appeasement

that denies you the joy of embracing your promised you

One day, palls of sorrows will weigh less on your shoulders

you will fly, explore, weave and identify your revelations

and will realize your refinement lacking worst human faults

that colors self blinded contended experts unaware of their own mortality

One day, you will project your own reality and illusions

for how hurtful it can be, to fail to respect one’s born dignity?

In prayer it is better to have a heart without words

than have…

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Luminous Mystery

Aston kamunde


For some people, the past is an endless chain

of one dark opening to the next in another

their days pass freely with no history to record or set them free

and their tomorrow is a constant ringbolt of slavery to their yesterday.

I never wish to belong there since i have a blithe spirit

and although life seems to flash before my eyes

I choose to record this moment, beneath the pale-salted moonlight

with pure pleasure i rest my eyes frozen from bruised experiences.

The moon is slivering smoothly and tentatively through the trees and leaves

it is shining a luminous light outing on all the darkness around

it feels like a little moment in eternity that could never be replaced,

and my vision is growing from inside out as time stands still.

The sounds of my breath are slowing and thinning out in air

this moment is as…

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