The trees swayed here and there

Lost in the silent rhythm of the winds

Whispering dark secrets that journeyed far

Unflustered by scheming ways of this world

Pinkening sun vanishing in distant horizons

Dark clouds forming across the dull sky

Reflecting dark haunting thoughts

And another unfulfilled promise

The caged bird begun singing

A sad song reverberating loudly in the air

The aging song seemed like an endless torture

As if performed by someone in the wrong stage

The creek crack of the cage tormented the ears

 Than that of uncertainty to what awaited

That trickled under the charcoal sky

The scent assaulting the nostrils

Hope was a sad irritation

The song carried a hurt, pleading sound

A weakened sound with no meaning or reason

Since the prospect of death grieved the caged bird

Approaching thunderstorms emptied light in the sky

Soon she would be a flower savaged by gale

She was trapped in spite of everything

Waiting to feel her heartbeat dying


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