The Phoenix Moment

Aston kamunde


She woke up abruptly breath caught in her throat,
This was the third or fourth time that she’d had that dream,
A dream that was filled with sounds of wings thrumming,
Any sign to the meaning of that dream seemed to matter more than ever

The night whistled then started whispering sounding soft and low,
The whispers were sluggish at fast then began sounding fast,
It felt though the anomalous shadows were creeping and leering at her,
Emotions of fear tied a knot in her throat; she swore she heard her name

Death sounded easier at that moment, more than living,
The realization of that meaning was mortifying, frightening and vivid,
With the gray, mourning clouds smeared across the sky,
She knew her end was coming…and the darkened night was enveloping her!

Omens seemed scattered extravagantly throughout her life,
The pain was so fierce and furious that she slip into…

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Kiss of Moment

Aston kamunde


At the penultimate moment of that reality,
The dead hollow tree inspired a little fabled feeling,
They stood midst the green grass that inspired a sense of safety,
Although safety has always been an illusion of any movement

Beyond them, the tall grass had faded into a color of sunshine,
Life had rained an existential lark on them this time,
This very moment was proving to be benign,
And they closed their eyes living it and feeling it

But deep within they knew something unseen waited,
They averted the temptation of being at an impasse,
Loyal shadows were their companions and greatest confidants,
They were besides them accompanying them with every twist and turn

The sun emanated a strong brandy from the sky’s distillery,
The blades of light ornamented the strikingly shaped clouds,
And they submitted to this trance that only mattered,
For it always came with a kiss of…

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The Rebirth

Aston kamunde

ocean art

The ocean always brought camouflaged and eccentric thoughts,
It made her feel invisible from her very own shadow,
To the outside world she was fogged up by self-pity,
But here, the sounds and the smell of the sea was soothing

The rhythm of the sea carried a blue hue that fell from the sky,
It always inspired a feeling of timelessness to her broken life,
It caved in the noises of the world to a hush,
That made her discover grace that she never knew existed

She wished that this tranquil moment would last forever,
The crests and toughs of the tides,
And the lulls between the charming waves,
Filled her aching heart with deep ecstasy

Although she sensed an air of daintily glamour,
She craved to live among the sea urchins and the knots of weed,
The tragedies of her past haunted her very own existence,
She wanted to…

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Unrestricted nature

Aston kamunde

beautiful sun

The wildness explodes all humble experiences,
It is the absolute heaven on earth,
It is the eroding allure of all hubris,
Hubris that forces all delicate defenses into paralysis,
But among the feral wild I have found my place,

The expectant clouds smile with favor,
In my solitude I can feel all the recovery
My heart daring to gain a new clear vision,
Am not afraid to desire, anticipate and hope once more,
For a new beginning that the murky clouds represent,

I want to feel free and guided like the trees,
That happily surrenders to the gifts of the day,
To feel unrestricted in my transparent and silent quest,
Like the river that is forever in search,
Of all new endless possibilities that lies ahead

At last when I lock my eyes,
I wish to give myself to the peaceful winds,
That holds all the promises of a rest,

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My Religion

Aston kamunde


My mind stands in its own infallible ground,
Has the aptitude to weave its own skewed view,
Of turning this moment, heaven on hell,
Or of whirling hell into heaven

With the unrefined language of nature,
It stands alone like a strong tree,
The roots sunk deep into the infinity,
Glossed over whatever thing that is evil

I risk to ran over the idyllic religion,
That seems too wanting, too difficult,
Whose visage has been left untested,
Harbored but unrepressed

How excruciating this can be,
To shun from the voice of the heart,
The voice that defines the true self,
That carries all powers and secrets,
Just to appease the unappeasable

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Sweet Reflections

Aston kamunde


Thin blades of sunshine cut through layers of mists,

Bringing a strange sort of glow with traces of sympathy,

As I sat engrossed in my orgy of palatable solitude,

Where urgent, varied thoughts seemed to whirl my brain

This was a penultimate moment of groping through my gone days,

As I let my thoughts drag me in this unmapped journey,

All those thoughts made me remember the delights and pains of life,

Every one of them that made me who I am NOW

Time seemed to stand still for my sweet reflections,

As I discovered familiar pattern in my days,

That mysteriously piloted me in the same inexorable direction,

Of the fact that life offers no favors and no one should expect either

Nothing is permanent, as most are coincidental, obscure or transient,

That unexpected always happen in the wake of time,

As I watched a healthy branch sprouting from…

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