Aston kamunde

ocean art

The ocean always brought camouflaged and eccentric thoughts,
It made her feel invisible from her very own shadow,
To the outside world she was fogged up by self-pity,
But here, the sounds and the smell of the sea was soothing

The rhythm of the sea carried a blue hue that fell from the sky,
It always inspired a feeling of timelessness to her broken life,
It caved in the noises of the world to a hush,
That made her discover grace that she never knew existed

She wished that this tranquil moment would last forever,
The crests and toughs of the tides,
And the lulls between the charming waves,
Filled her aching heart with deep ecstasy

Although she sensed an air of daintily glamour,
She craved to live among the sea urchins and the knots of weed,
The tragedies of her past haunted her very own existence,
She wanted to…

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