The night was young and the full moon appeared like a snowy stone,
It was also eerie, silent and still like an abandoned church,
It seemed to evoke a strange chemical presence in my blood,
Vague anxiety was carried by the energy that buzzed in the air

This night was gentle, the moon and the stars called me,
I felt a lonely and powerful presence in the silent air,
I was breathing it, taking it all in with an inexplicable delight,
I felt it invade my place of refuge and all my dark corners

Shadowy images spun and spun like disks in my head,
They were beautiful, grotesque and also inappropriate,
My animal senses seemed to react as if the images were real,
My body was a flower opening in the rain

Like a quiet tide, memories raised me higher and higher,
Of a black script that I had chosen over the branded one,
I was a feather, floating and dancing in my own sweet melody,
This night carried an invincible air of strength and sophistication,
The textures, colors and sounds of this night were intensely real



3 thoughts on “Sounds of the Silent Night

  1. I love the paradoxes within this: anxiety and energy, gentle and powerful, delightful and invasive, beautiful and grotesque, memory and reality. It reminds me of doing live poetry readings, where I am mega-nervous, yet totally in my element. Like two halves of myself tugging at each other. 🙂

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    1. We are always two halves…two antagonistic selves. We are ultimately never alone. Always seeing the two sides of the coin in every situation. So glad you loved the stylistic device applied in this poem. And that reminds me, how’s your weekly performance going? You really inspire me Joan!

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