I am honoring the pragmatic of my white shadows,
In a frosty world of adoration to all that abhor,
That many times leave me lost, hollow and unloved,
The sinuous grace of white shadows cover me with gentle kisses,
As light and tender as the fall of delicate flower petals

Through the deafening hisses of persistence rumors,
Those that create a big hole of lies that harbor primal fear,
And carry a fatal chord that can stop the rhythm of life,
My white shadows distill my moments and save me,
They get me deep in a protected, timeless dreamlike ecstasy

When I am a small fly caught and trapped,
And my world is suspended and immobile,
My heart weak and helpless with a distorted visage,
From the horizon, they appear radiating something intimate,
Of a connection to the air, the earth and of an infallible purpose

The immaculate anonymity of my white shadows fill me,
It fades away all tenuous beliefs of what I am, can be,
For they bring fresh ripple of whispers in my ears,
Of hope and love that is beyond time and space,
That awash me with a sensation of a beautiful life



4 thoughts on “My White Shadows

  1. I like your idea of white shadows, the opposite of what one expects a shadow to be, something invisible (maybe?) that balances out all the dark shadows. As you describe it, I see a white shadow as a “happy place” (similar to where I go in my mind when I’m in the dental chair). 🙂

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    1. I like to believe in the power of the invincible…there are invincible forces out there that look out for us. We cannot see them, but there are always there guiding our paths. What do you think?

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  2. I agree. I call it synchronicity or serendipity. The key is moving toward your dream. When you make the first move, all sorts of things will start to happen to support it. I got talked into signing up for a poetry course (had never written a poem in my life, but what the heck), got in even though it was full, had a poem published before the end of the semester, was able to attend a weeklong summer writing seminar at the college for half-price (because of having taken that ONE class), found a blogging course offered for free through our library system, and ended up here. A friend who reads my blog introduced me to a gentleman who does a poetry corner on our local public radio station. I became part of his bimonthly group of poets, have had a poem read on the air, and will have 5 poems included in an anthology in his honor that will be released by Main Street Rag in December. Like a giant web of support for those willing to reach out toward their dreams.

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    1. Oh! I am truly happy to hear that Joan and inspired as well! Sometimes when we have this fire burning inside ourselves is all we need to discover something beautiful and glorious about ourselves for we are never alone. You have just inspired me to write more, to be more and just to trust the power of my imagination and talented hands with an implicit delight. I am waiting to hear more from you! All the best my friend. Shoot for the moon!


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