Sasquatch Wekesa!” He raised his hand half way feeling old, melancholic and resentful. Not because of the faint giggles coming from the rest of students, but because he hated that name with passion. Until recently, he used to hide in the washrooms during all class roll calls until he got reprimanded. He had always thought that name belonged to some rogue character somewhere back in history. It was more dreadful trying to find out, so he avoided researching for it would only add grief to his sorrows. “What were my parents thinking giving a child a name like that? Sasquatch!” he often wondered.  He had promised himself that he was going to change that name once he was mature and stable enough. He couldn’t imagine carrying a name that bruised his born dignity for the rest of his life.

Sasquatch was a fourteen year old introvert who preferred his own company. He loved poetry and had read many sonnets and ancient poetry. His biggest dream was to become a renowned poet and an intellect of sorts. He always thought the world blazes with strange meanings that demanded his attention. From the majestic trees, sweet scent from the grass and flowers, the hot silent sun, the shimmering moon, the intricate wheel-work of frozen stars, the list was endless. He had discovered that virtual life was deeper than science. He had a personal journal where he loved penning down his poetry as well as his perceived brinks of revelations. He’d discovered in poetry, love has an immense and humbling power. It was the true nature of poetry.

Sasquatch had never allowed himself to feel anything for any girl. He always thought that the world today, hoarded madness in the name of ‘love’. He’d heard about husbands beating their wives, girlfriends stabbing their boyfriends so much cheat and deceit! ‘Fools’. He wrote over and over again at the back of his journal. So whenever he spotted two students losing all sense of emotion and discipline, he drew out his journal and at the back; he scribbled the word ‘Fools’. Sasquatch produced good grades which made other students respect him. However, he was particularly interested in the English lessons taught by Ms. Andrews; the boys in class loved her. In fact, he had scrawled the word ‘Fools’ many times during most English lessons. However, he couldn’t wait for the next day’s English lesson to analyse George Herbert’s poem, ‘The Altar’. He’d read widely about him and he knew so much his life, particularly his devotional life.

Finally the day arrived, his favourite subject that mattered more than anything. He was alert and wide eyed as an owl after Ms. Andrews walked in. Sasquatch thought her face was always sweetened by the endless love of the sun. She had big beautiful radiant eyes that stretched their stare to infinity and inspired a smile. She also had total discipline for her body, which contained all qualities akin to beauty. Those which forced other boys sit with feigned concentration and all consuming fantasy. She wrote the names ‘George Herbert’ on the board and started towards where he was seated.  “Sasquatch, tell the class a little about George Herbert.” She suggested.

Sasquatch’s heart pounded like a fist after Ms. Andrews’s placed her soft, delicate hand on his arm. He shivered and tried in vain to flinch from the prickling pleasure that ran goose bumps all over his body. He laboured to speak in that state of enchantment but could only make a small frustrated bird’s cry. The presence working through him was a gale, storm that blackened his mind. He couldn’t speak. He couldn’t fight the irrepressible delight that was consuming him. He felt dizzy, weightless as if floating. Long after she let go her hand, he could still feel it running through his body, causing tremors that faded his vision. “What is happening to me?” he wondered, horrified.  “Stop it!” he shouted pooling silence in class as they all stared at him in shock.





3 thoughts on “The English Lesson

  1. I get the feeling Sasquatch is falling for Ms. Andrews. And is about to change his mind on the “fool” business. Making a connection, being deeply understood, is a kind of love in its own category. Well done, Aston. 🙂

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    1. Oh thank you Joan, so much for the irony there! Never knew i could do short stories. I dared myself and writing is getting pretty interesting and serious too! I want to make my dreams a reality. No matter what. And you inspire me everyday to do more. Thank you!

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